Using Prescriptive Analytics to Forecast More Effectively

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Whether you have a portfolio of a few products or a few thousand, we’re all responsible for executing against goals. In an era of razor-thin margins, declining IT budgets, and competitors constantly trying to outmaneuver you, accurate forecasts against those goals have never been more valuable. But inventory planning can still be a roll of the dice, and poor distribution execution leads to empty shelves or aggressive discounts to clear them. Could you improve your bottom line if you forecasted more accurately? FICO believes you can. In fact, we’ve already delivered prescriptive analytic solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Nestle, to help them increase revenue and reduce costs. For Nestle, FICO’s prescriptive analytic solutions have delivered significant savings by maximizing payload, minimizing transportation costs and by reducing production plant costs. FICO has even helped Nestle increase sales by reducing the number of product shortages in each distribution. Please join this webinar to hear about our new tool, the FICO Forecaster, which will help you pick the winning prediction and act on it by: Taming dozens of forecasting algorithms and making them compete against each other to give more accurate answers – all with a click of a button. Leveraging deep and self-supervising neural networks to find the pockets of signal in your historical data. Providing a seamless path to inventory optimization, pricing, and markdown. You need integrated solutions—not disparate initiatives—fighting for budget and executive attention. Balancing the influence of headquarters and the field when making forecasts and driving business decisions. Presenters: Horia Tipi, Global Optimization Practice Leader, Product Management, FICO
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