FICO Gender Pay Gap Report – United Kingdom

Fostering an environment that ensures equal opportunity and that truly values individual differences is critical to the success of our business.

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Our mean average gender pay gap is driven by two factors. First, among the most highly compensated roles in our UK operation are those involved in selling our solutions. Currently, men occupy a much larger percentage of those sales roles than women.

Similarly, men currently occupy the majority of our UK-based senior leadership roles. The above-average salaries of these groups greatly influence the mean pay gap statistic. That said, our ongoing efforts to recruit qualified women for sales and senior leader roles within our business have continued to make progress, with our mean gender pay gap declining 3.9 percentage points, an improvement from our 2018 gap of 13 percent.

All FICO colleagues participate in a cash-based incentive plan appropriate for their role type. Those in sales roles participate in our Sales Incentive Plan and have a compensation structure that is highly leveraged toward incentive earnings (commission awards) versus base pay. These higher sales incentive earnings are reflected in the bonus gender pay gap calculation. Those in nonsales roles participate in our Broad-Based Incentive Plan, which involves less emphasis on incentive pay relative to those in selling roles.

In addition to cash incentives, FICO offers a Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) through which it grants stock-based compensation. LTIP awards generally target more senior-level roles responsible for making strategic decisions aligned with the creation of long-term value for our shareholders.

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