FICO® Platform Reference Architecture

This document provides an introduction and overview of the core concepts and principles of FICO® Platform.

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White Paper

This whitepaper introduces the core technical concepts, principles and application interfaces of FICO Platform and is intended as a high-level introduction for technology savvy readers.

FICO Platform helps companies author, execute, manage, and scale their decisioning processes and logic. It allows for the kind of collaboration and coordination that breaks down organizational silos to connect decisions across the enterprise. By allowing companies to orchestrate the authoring and deployment of decision assets across departments, functions, time, and customer lifecycle stages, FICO Platform enables the development and execution of high-performance decision strategies for improved business results. 

FICO Platform is a complete cloud or on-premises solution that delivers an integrated suite of tools for creating fully customizable AI-powered applications. It is the connective tissue used to assemble all FICO applications. This document provides a high-level overview of FICO Platform architecture. It introduces the elements of a decision management solution, which provides the services that the rest of the platform consumes. It also provides an architectural overview of FICO® Platform Core, which delivers a standardized set of analytic and execution services powering the platform. Using this document as a guide, the reader will understand the context and boundaries to guide architectural decision making. 

At the highest level, we think of FICO Platform as four functional areas and an underlying set of platform capabilities that enables them. 

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