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White Paper

Fraud in the Digital Experience Era – Telecommunications

As more interactions have become digital what has the impact on fraud been for telecommunications companies?

White Paper

Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre estimates that global telecommunications fraud costs roughly $33 billion, however the true cost likely exceeds even that grandiose figure. Telecommunications fraud has become a misnomer because thieves attack the interconnectedness among people and industries. With telecommunications services, particularly mobile, providing the means through which nearly all industries serve their customers, thieves are finding and exploiting vulnerabilities with no regard for arbitrary industry boundaries.

Download the whitepaper for more insight including

  • A targeted survey of fraud managers conducted exclusively for this report.
  • The 2019 TM Forum Management Survey which provides an overview of CSP’s anti-fraud practice
  • Survey data from FICO’s 2020 consumer study that looks at consumers’ security preferences at the intersection of the communications and banking industries.