The Future of Deciding

How Technology and Big Data Will Make Tomorrow’s Decisions Different from Today’s

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Every conscious act begins with a decision. Get up or stay in bed? Regular or decaf? Hold ’em or fold ’em? As individuals, we make a lot of decisions. In fact, we spend nearly every waking moment deciding. We make conscious decisions an estimated 35,000 times a day. Just deciding what food to eat, cook or buy amounts to 220 decisions daily.1 And when we interact with others—in families, in businesses, in societies—the complexity of these decisions is multiplied. Variables mount. New influences are brought to bear. When you think about it, it’s a wonder we manage to get anything done at all. Now the act of deciding is changing. Today we have access to all kinds of data. While this can inform our decisions, it can also make deciding more complicated. Fortunately, new technologies, online services and mobile apps have emerged to make decisions easier by giving us tools to analyze our options
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