Identity Proofing and the Changing face of Digital Banking

Balancing the need for identity verification with customer attrition - FICO's Global identity proofing survey 2021

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It's more important than ever for financial services organizations to understand the ever changing needs of consumers and the factors that drive technology change. Whit that challenge in mind FICO undertook a sweeping global survey, looking at consumer attitudes to digital banking - in particular, how accounts can be opened digitally and the impact that fraud and compliance checks have on them.

  • Do customers understand the threat from identity theft and why their identities must be checked?
  • Did the Global pandemic really accelerate digital adoption in financial services?
  • What do customers expect when they open accounts using websites and apps:
  • Do people have the necessary skillset to manage identity proofing using mobile apps?
  • Are customers open to using biometrics to protect their accounts?
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