The Value of Embedding the FICO Blaze Advisor Decision Rules Management System

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Digital transformation (DX) is the act of leveraging technology to improve our knowledge, comprehension, decisions and actions. Within the next five years, it is widely expected that large enterprises will see the majority of their revenue driven by products and services that rely on digital technologies. Digital technologies continue to evolve. We have already seen the impact that big data, the cloud, social business and mobility are having on business. Add to that predictive and prescriptive analytics and cognitive capabilities, including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and the stage is set for massive disruption over the next five years as enterprises apply digital technologies to transform their businesses. However, digital technologies all share the same DNA. This DNA consists of five core constructs: data (including events), decisioning, actions, analytics and improvements (learning). This white paper examines these five constructs but especially focuses on decisioning because of its central role in orchestrating the activities of these constructs.
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