Beyond the Call Center: Emerging Strategies for Collecting Consumer Debt

An Aite Group Survey on "Beyond the Call Center: Emerging Strategies for Collecting Consumer Debt"

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What are collection organizations' key initiatives in 2020 and beyond? Aite Group recently conducted a survey of collection executives and learned how they're planning on using technology for economic downturn preparedness, achieving scale with customer-centric collection initiatives and driving more engagement with omni-channel communications. Download the Aite Group white paper, "Beyond the Call Center: Emerging Strategies for Collecting Consumer Debt" This white paper presents the results of interviews and surveys of consumer lending and debt management executives to provide an overview on the current and future state of debt collection. Respondents described: The need to improve automation to respond quicker to economic changes as well as portfolio and individual account changes Increasing their use of analytics, scorecards, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to identify the most effective collection treatments How they're approaching their omni-communication strategies Customer self-service initiatives
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