FICO Blaze Advisor 7 Drives Better Business Decisions With Breakthrough Visualization

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FICO World Conference, NEW YORK — November 1, 2011 — FICO (NYSE:FICO), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced the general availability of FICO™ Blaze Advisor® business rules management system version 7, with groundbreaking new visualization capabilities. The new release will enable organizations to more rapidly develop and deploy rules-based decision services that dramatically improve business agility and financial performance.

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The key enhancement in Blaze Advisor 7.0 is the innovative Decision Graph visual metaphor, a decision tree management solution that makes even the most complex rule sets easier to manage and explain. The new capability is especially valuable to the growing number of businesses that need to be able to explain their decision logic to external auditors and regulators, or to internal parties such as senior management.

Decision Graph gives business analysts a more intuitive way to view and navigate decision trees, which can reach 10,000 nodes or more. FICO’s patented technology includes sophisticated algorithms that help users simplify trees by changing the order of the decision nodes, and to dramatically shrink trees by using graph theory to identify the minimum number of decision nodes needed to represent the same logic.

Users can also make updates more quickly and safely by focusing on just that part of the tree that is relevant for the task at hand. Strategies can be further improved through dynamic analysis to assess the impact of changes by seeing how sample data flows through the logic of the tree — for example, to see the profitability of customers passing through a particular branch of a decision tree. The result is a powerful and user-friendly tool that reduces errors by removing complexity, and delivers strategy improvements that contribute directly to the bottom line.

“Business rules management provides a shared platform for CIOs and business managers to help their enterprises stay competitive, and making business logic clearer to all parties is an essential part of that collaboration,” said Jim Sinur, a vice president at Gartner Research specializing in business rules management systems. “Better visualization of business logic can provide a huge uplift for companies that are looking for ways to improve business decisions.”

“The addition of Decision Graph to FICO Blaze Advisor is a big leap for a system that is already widely regarded as the most advanced BRMS on the market,” said Don Griest, senior director of product management at FICO. “As strategies get more sophisticated, business logic can expand exponentially. FICO Blaze Advisor 7 helps users understand the big picture and easily ‘double click’ into any segment for investigation. This new release is a breakthrough that will help any business manage complex strategies.”

For rule developers, version 7 makes the FICO Blaze Advisor for Java integrated development environment (IDE) available as an Eclipse plug-in, which can accelerate project development in a familiar, industry-standard environment. The latest release also enhances the system’s web-based rules maintenance application to give business experts an even more user-friendly environment for managing their own rules.

As part of FICO’s suite of decision management tools, FICO™ Blaze Advisor® integrates seamlessly with FICO™ Model Builder, providing the industry’s only solution for creating decision services that manage rules, models and related logic in a shared repository, which can be accessed by a business user using a common IDE. The integration across the FICO tools suite enables organizations to apply predictive analytics more effectively and deploy decision services more quickly.

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