FICO Missão: Positivo Financial Education App Takes Off Fast in Brazil

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1,000+ people download fun new mobile game in first 10 days

SÃO PAULO – November, 26 2013 - FICO (NYSE: FICO), a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company, today announced that the financial game FICO™ Missão: Positivo was downloaded over 1,000 times within 10 days of its debut. The game now ranks among Brazil’s top 500 educational games, and is the only financial education game ranked on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Available for free on iOS and Android mobile operating systems, FICO Missão: Positivo brings entertaining financial education to Brazil’s 30 million smartphone users, especially young adults and the new and growing middle class. The game makes learning about personal finance fun – consumers test their financial knowledge and earn status and coins.

"The rapid pace of downloads shows that Brazilians are interested in improving their financial health," said Robert Duque-Ribeiro, vice president and general manager of Latin America and the Caribbean for FICO. "Financially educated consumers not only have better financial health, but are less likely to go into delinquency. We invite all Brazilians to enjoy learning more about finance by playing FICO Missao: Positivo and sharing the results with us."

Prize Winners Congratulated
FICO also awarded three prizes at the FICO™ Missão: Positivo launch event on September 26, 2013, at Brazil’s largest conference on financial literacy – CONEFE (National Congress of Financial Education in Schools). The winner of the coin hunt, finding the most FICO+ coins bearing the game logo, was a Federal University from ABC (UFABC) engineering student, Thais Pereira Coelho. She received an iPhone 5.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Google Nexus were also awarded to the highest scorers. The Editor of Portuguese Language at Editora Moderna (a major Brazilian editorial group), Leandro Henrique, scored 147.994 points, the highest score of the day, while Danielle Prado, a Math master’s degree student at UFABC and Specialized Treatment Editor to Editora Moderna, received second place with 76.302 points. Both top scorers quickly discovered the credit calculators feature of the game, which helped them earn credits and unlock features, additional games, and bonus rewards within FICO Missão: Positivo.

"We congratulate the winners Thais, Leandro, and Danielle for their accomplishments at the market release of FICO Missão: Positivo" said Robert Duque-Ribeiro. "The event was a success and people responded quickly to the app presentation. Having more than 100 people play the game at the event and seeing individuals try to out-score each other while getting tips on the use of credit helped give us ideas about the potential for further enhancements to the app."

Users can provide feedback, share their high scores, and review the new application on Twitter (@MissaoPositivo) and Facebook (FICO Missão: Positivo).

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