FICO’s Dr. Scott Zoldi Reaches a Data Science Milestone with 100th Software Patent Application

FICO chief analytics officer has developed a broad range of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics technologies and techniques

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SAN JOSE, CA — August 5, 2019


  • Dr. Scott Zoldi has been an inventor on 100 patent applications for machine learning and AI software technologies and techniques.
  • Of the 100 patent applications, 47 have been granted and 53 are pending.
  • In his nearly 20-year career with FICO, the innovations he has pioneered have helped FICO products transform entire industries. He has developed unique machine learning inventions for financial fraud, anti-money laundering, cybersecurity and collections, as well as fundamental data science capabilities.

Dr. Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer at analytic software firm FICO, has reached a data science milestone with the filing of FICO’s 100th software patent application listing him as an inventor. FICO now has been granted 47 patents in the United States and Europe, with an additional 53 patent applications in progress, listing Dr. Zoldi as an inventor.

“Dr. Scott Zoldi is a tremendous asset to FICO and our customers worldwide,” said Will Lansing, chief executive officer of FICO. “Scott’s non-stop creativity in developing AI, machine learning, and analytic technologies is captured in the large portfolio of intellectual property he has produced. His work has propelled FICO’s competitive advantage in our fraud, compliance, cybersecurity and collections business units, and within our corporate body of machine learning applications. Beyond the data science lab, Scott brings innovative thinking and enthusiasm to every customer conversation, industry speaking engagement and team meeting.”

“FICO is driven to help our customers operationalize analytic innovation,” said Stuart Wells, executive vice president of products and technology, and chief technology officer at FICO. “They are looking for practical ways to put AI and machine learning to work today, to solve business problems and work more efficiently. Scott’s work is at the heart of our broader initiatives to operationalize AI, ML, and other emerging technologies.”

“I am endlessly fascinated by the behavioral patterns and predictive insights that data can yield, and developing new machine learning algorithms to capture them,” said Dr. Zoldi. “During my nearly 20 years at FICO, I have had the opportunity to apply my analytic curiosity to develop machine learning applications addressing a wide range of seemingly unpredictable human and machine behaviors. I am thankful to be surrounded by brilliant colleagues at FICO who have influenced my thinking, and who have co-authored numerous of the patent applications. It is a true honor to have the novelty of my work acknowledged by patent offices around the globe and in use across FICO’s customer base.”

Dr. Zoldi’s patent work addresses a broad range of domains including:

  • Fraud analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Collections and credit risk
  • Unstructured data analytics
  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Utility analytics
  • Self-learning machine learning models
  • Explainable and ethical AI
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Mobile analytics

In total, FICO currently holds 197 US and foreign patents, and 102 pending patent applications.

Dr. Zoldi and his team will present many of their latest analytic innovations at FICO World, November 4-7 in New York City. He will also present the closing keynote address on ethical AI.

Dr. Zoldi holds a Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Physics from Duke University and a B.S. degree in Engineering Physics from University of Maine. He blogs at and tweets on Twitter @ScottZoldi.

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