More ATM and Debit Networks Choose Fair Isaac's CardAlert Fraud Manager to Combat Fraud

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(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) - Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision technology, today announced new agreements with Fiserv EFT and Alaska Option Network to utilize Fair Isaac's CardAlert Fraud Manager for early identification and reporting of suspected counterfeit card and skimming fraud.

Fair Isaac's CardAlert service is the leading solution for fighting PIN debit and ATM fraud. It now protects more than 10,000 U.S. financial institutions against counterfeit fraud, including all of the top 25 banks and three out of the top five ATM networks. The service combines powerful predictive analytic software with investigative techniques to help organizations spot counterfeit cards and skimming fraud in the earliest stages.

The agreement with Fiserv EFT builds on an existing relationship. Through its ACCEL /Exchange Network, Fiserv EFT offers CardAlert Fraud Manager as an add-on service, providing card issuers with an improved ability to minimize fraud losses through real-time detection of fraudulent card transactions. The payments services provider already provides Fair Isaac's market-leading payment card fraud detection system, Falcon™ Fraud Manager, as part of its processing services.

"Fiserv EFT has successfully used Fair Isaac's Falcon Fraud Manager to detect and prevent payment card fraud for several years," said Mike Williams, Senior Vice President, ACCEL/Exchange at Fiserv EFT. "We strongly believe in the powerful fraud detection capabilities of Fair Isaac's CardAlert service and its value in keeping consumer trust in the integrity and security of our services high."

Alaska Option Network is a full-service electronic funds transfer (EFT) network offering automated teller machine (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) transaction switching and settlement services to financial institutions in Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

"With skimming fraud on the rise, we want to protect our network participants with Fair Isaac's CardAlert Fraud Manager as a value-added service," said Linda Moneymaker, vice president at Alaska Option. "Our combined resources will greatly assist our customer financial institutions in the detection of certain fraud schemes."

The CardAlert service identifies and reports counterfeit payment cards to issuers before the majority of them incur fraud losses. Operating in an ASP environment, the service analyzes daily transactions across multiple financial institutions via EFT Network feeds. This data is used to pinpoint multi-card fraud and identify common points of purchase. In doing so, large inventories of counterfeit cards are isolated and reported to appropriate issuers prior to suffering fraudulent authorization attempts.

"CardAlert Fraud Manager has an excellent reputation for performance with thousands of financial institutions and law enforcement agencies," said Sonja Schindeler, vice president of Global Fraud Solutions at Fair Isaac. "The system takes the control of at-risk cards away from criminals and places it back into the hands of our clients. It's a privilege to be working with each of these organizations. Their participation enhances the scope of data CardAlert analyzes, which improves the counterfeit debit card fraud protection we provide to the industry."

As an add-on service, CardAlert Fraud Manager identifies transactions with characteristics associated with ATM deposit fraud, and reports this information immediately to customer financial institutions for action. Early discovery of this fraud prevents possible long-term, sustained losses.

About Fiserv EFT and ACCEL/Exchange
Fiserv EFT provides ATM and debit services to over 2,800 financial institutions across the United States. Fiserv EFT currently processes approximately 5 billion ATM and debit transactions annually and operates more than 17,000 ATMs, making it one of the largest electronic funds transfer (EFT) processors in the nation. The business unit also owns and manages ACCEL /Exchange , one of the nation's premier ATM/POS networks. ACCEL/Exchange provides financial institutions with the infrastructure for cardholder access to their funds anytime, anywhere.

About Alaska Option
Alaska Option is a full-service EFT network offering automated teller machine (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) transaction switching and settlement services to financial institutions in Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

Alaska Option's connectivity to financial service providers and other EFT networks make it possible for consumers to access a growing number of ATM and POS terminal locations to withdraw cash, transfer funds and make purchases using an Alaska Option debit card. Alaska Option also offers a full range of processing services such as ATM driving, card personalization and card management.

About Fair Isaac
Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC) makes decisions smarter. The company's solutions and technologies for Enterprise Decision Management give businesses the power to automate more processes and apply more intelligence to every customer interaction. Through increasing the precision, consistency and agility of their decisions, Fair Isaac clients worldwide increase sales, build customer value, cut fraud losses, manage credit risk, reduce operational costs, meet changing compliance demands and enter new markets more profitably. Founded in 1956, Fair Isaac powers hundreds of billions of decisions a year in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, retail, consumer branded goods, healthcare and the public sector. Fair Isaac also helps millions of individuals manage their credit health through the website.

Statements Regarding Forward-Looking Information
Except for historical information contained herein, the statements contained in this press release that relate to Fair Isaac, including statements regarding its CardAlert Fraud Manager product offering and the relationships described herein, and the benefits to be derived from CardAlert Fraud Manager, are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially, including any unforeseen technical difficulties related to the implementation, use and functionality of the offering, the risks that customers will not perceive material benefits from the offering, failure of the product to deliver the expected results, the possibility of errors or defects in the offering, the maintenance of its existing relationships with key alliance partners, regulatory changes applicable to the use of consumer credit and other data, and other risks described from time to time in Fair Isaac's SEC reports, including its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended September 30, 2005. Forward-looking statements should be considered with caution. If any of these risks or uncertainties materializes or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, Fair Isaac's results could differ materially from Fair Isaac's expectations in these statements. Fair Isaac disclaims any intent or obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

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