Poland's Bank Zachodni WBK, Part of Santander Group, Will Increase Collections Performance with Upgrade to FICO Debt Manager 9

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LONDON — January 27, 2016

Bank Zachodni WBK, part of the Santander Group, will be the first bank in Poland to implement FICO® Debt Manager™ 9, the latest version of FICO’s platform for collections and recovery. A long-time user of Debt Manager, Bank Zachodni WBK plans to use the system’s new features — which include real-time responses to events, a consolidated view of the customer and support for additional data types — to maintain tight control over its collections activities, ensuring regulatory compliance and positive customer treatment while collecting more overdue debt.

Bank Zachodni WBK also uses FICO® Customer Communication Services as a supplement to its standard collections and recovery process, offering customers automated missed payment resolution via phone.

“FICO Debt Manager has performed very well for us, and the new features will help us improve results even further,” said Robert Pikula, who heads the Credit Recovery and Assets Restructuring Area at Bank Zachodni WBK. “We have verified the available market solutions, and we are sure that this is the best collections solution for us. We are constantly raising our performance levels to remain the frontrunner in collections in the Polish market and in the Santander Group, and we believe that the latest version of Debt Manager gives us more capabilities than ever before.”

“Debt Manager has provided us with state-of-the-art technology for more than 15 years,” said Mariusz Łuczak, head of the Decision Systems Centre at Bank Zachodni WBK. “We are proud of our long-term relationship with FICO.”

“Bank Zachodni WBK sets the benchmark for the region in terms of collections effectiveness,” said Phillip Sertel, who oversees FICO’s operations in continental Europe. “The bank’s use of FICO technology continues to advance their performance in a challenging debt market.”

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About Bank Zachodni WBK
Bank Zachodni WBK is the third power of the banking sector in Poland. It owes the ever-growing robustness of its position to dynamic development, excellent products, innovation, brand development and pursuit of perfection in its relationship with customers.

Bank Zachodni WBK is a member of the Santander Group, which serves more than 100 million customers and has 14,000 branches in 30 countries. Thanks to this market diversity, it is one of the world’s largest financial groups and the largest financial institution of the Eurozone.

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