Introducing the FICO “Optimizing Success” Program

Get the highest business ROI from your optimization efforts.

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Introducing the FICO “Optimizing Success” Program

Leading industry experts have reported that as many as 85% of advanced analytics projects fail to reach successful deployment, because of organizational and technological disconnects between model builders (i.e., data scientists, operations researchers, etc.) and business users within large enterprises. That is why thousands of companies trust FICO® Xpress Optimization – which includes Xpress Insight, Solver, Mosel, Workbench, and Decision Optimizer – for their most demanding advanced analytics projects. FICO® Xpress Optimization is a part of the FICO® Decision Management Platform, a unified platform to build, deploy, and execute analytic-powered applications that creates unprecedented synergies between data science and business users, helping companies transform their business operations.

To help every business enjoy this degree of synergy across their own organizations, FICO created the new “Optimizing Success” program. The Optimizing Success program makes it easier than ever for users of other optimization products – such as IBM’s ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio, Gurobi® Optimizer, and SAS® Optimization – to migrate to FICO® Xpress Optimization, and achieve an entirely new level of project success.


Under the Optimizing Success program, new users can receive:
  • Free model benchmarking, to compare their current model performance with Xpress 8.11
  • One free Xpress-Insight based proof-of-concept application to enable business users to run models as a web application (limited availability)
  • Free model conversion from your existing solver API to FICO Xpress, up to 2,500 lines of code
  • Free model conversion from your math modeling language to FICO Xpress Mosel, up to 1,500 lines of code. This typically results in a 2-10x matrix generation speedup.
  • A discount on start-up professional services, such as complex application migration to FICO Xpress Mosel or Xpress Solver API (Python, Java, .NET, C/C++, R, etc)
  • A free community license version of Xpress Insight for a single user/developer
  • Free membership in the FICO Optimization Community, free access to online training tutorials, and discounts on customized training courses if needed
  • Weekly Xpress office hours, open to all FICO Xpress customers


Why Switch to FICO® Xpress Optimization?

FICO has been a leader in optimization for nearly 40 years and continues strong investments in solver performance and R&D. We have a growing, dedicated team of modeling and solver experts, including several hired from IBM just recently, that can help you get the best out of Xpress. We work very closely with our users, by offering activities like FICO Xpress hour (Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. USA-EST) where clients get access to product experts and ask them questions directly. And our products are second to none in terms of performance, features, functionality, and productivity:


Xpress Solver
  • Widest breadth of fast and reliable solvers: LP, QP, QCP, SOCP, MIP, MIQP, MIQCP, MISOCP, NLP (including black-box optimization), MINLP and CP
  • Highest degree of reproducibility of results independent of the platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Robust Solutions: Xpress Solver offers several solution robustness features, including solution refiner, iterative refinement, MIP Solution Refiner, machine learning for scaling, and diagnostics for numerical issues

Click here to learn more about FICO Xpress Solver.


Xpress Mosel
  • An expressive and intuitive language for formulating mathematical models. In addition to being a high-level mathematical modeling language, users can write complex programming logic.
  • Fully and tightly integrated with the Xpress Solver. Users can implement advanced Solver functionality such as callbacks entirely from within in the Mosel language. Mosel also provides modules that enable distributed computing.
  • Highly extensible. With the help of the Mosel Native Interface users can define reusable components such as new types, subroutines, IO drivers, and more.   

To learn more about FICO® Xpress Mosel, click here.


FICO® Xpress Insight
  • Empowers business users with the ability to understand decision impact through what-if scenario analysis and collaborate with peers for optimal results
  • Users can rapidly create powerful and effective analytic and optimization enterprise-ready applications faster than ever before
  • Directly deploy Python and Xpress Mosel models as user-friendly business applications

Click here to learn more about FICO Xpress Insight.


Success awaits you

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