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FICO industry leading analytics and decision management software is leveraged by companies across multiple industries to deliver solutions to target customer markets.  These independent software providers either co-brand FICO software or deeply embed FICO capabilities within the applications they develop and market to their customers delivering best in class decisioning solutions. 

About Artelys
Artelys is a global provider of decision-support solutions through numerical optimization and analytics technologies. Since 2000, Artelys has reached over 500 clients in more than 50 countries worldwide and across multiple sectors such as energy & environment, logistics & transportation, telecommunications, finance or defense. In particular, Artelys is a reference advisor in the energy sector, providing consulting services and software to all kinds of energy-related entities: utilities, equipment vendors, TSOs, regulatory authorities, governments. Artelys’ expertise covers all energy commodities: power, gas, heat, oil, water, etc. Artelys is headquartered in Paris (France) and has offices in London (UK), Chicago (US), Los Angeles (US), and Montréal (Canada). Learn more about us at

Our Partnership
Since its creation, Artelys distributes and supports the FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite worldwide, and contributes to its development with its own optimization technologies: Artelys Kalis and Artelys Knitro. Furthermore, Artelys has embedded FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite in Artelys Crystal, a software suite to address various key issues in the energy sector: short, medium and long-term planning of energy assets, energy sourcing and trading, gas and power market simulations, energy network investment planning, process optimization for energy intensive industries, implementation of local energy policies. All applications within the Artelys Crystal software suite rely on a single ground-breaking energy system optimization and capacity expansion module called Artelys Crystal Optimization Engine, and powered by FICO® Xpress. Artelys’ offer is focused on delivering innovation and increasing customer revenues through tailored solutions powered by FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite. Its numerical capabilities are leveraged the fullest by Artelys experts in order to provide the most efficient answers to each business challenge. Among many others, Artelys references include: close to real-time power plant production and trading optimization, evaluation of energy policies up to 50 years ahead while considering hundreds of alternative scenarios, railway traffic resilient to unplanned events, integrated hydrocarbon production management from reservoirs to export facilities, consistent forecasting of wind & solar production across entire continents, supply to consumer supply chain optimization, fault detection and diagnosis in maintenance activities, etc.

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