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FICO industry leading analytics and decision management software is leveraged by companies across multiple industries to deliver solutions to target customer markets.  These independent software providers either co-brand FICO software or deeply embed FICO capabilities within the applications they develop and market to their customers delivering best in class decisioning solutions.

About Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI)
RSI was founded in 1996, in Pembroke Massachusetts, as a consulting and software products company, focused on tax administration agencies. Our company leadership, business focus, mission and vision are squarely centered on thought leadership and improvements in tax administration. RSI has successfully delivered more than 250 projects for tax and revenue agency customers. Most of the projects include large, complex, mission-critical tax and revenue applications with large relational databases. RSI has helped agencies: improve data accessibility and reporting, increase collections and voluntary compliance, improve customer satisfaction, streamline business processes, improve system stability and lower the overall total cost of ownership.  

Our Partnership
Revenue Solutions, Inc. uses FICO’s Blaze Advisor as the Business Rules Engine (BRE) in their integrated Revenue Enterprise Management Solution for Tax and Revenue agencies, Revenue Premier.  The business rules engine provides maximum control over system behavior and tailoring of the solution to an agency’s own policies, without base-code modifications.  The BRE abstracts business rules away from the application code and has several advantages over traditional application programming which include Central Rules Management, Resource Involvement and Simplified Testing. Revenue Solutions, Inc. (RSI) has emerged as an industry leader in providing integrated Tax Compliance and Revenue Management systems. Our flagship offering, Revenue Premier®, is a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution that has been designed from the ground up to meet the real world needs of today’s tax agencies in a product that is flexible, extensible and fully configurable. RSI’s proven and modern SOA-based technical architecture and industry-leading integration of a robust business rules engine, combines with functionally rich tax processing, compliance and data warehouse capabilities and multiple implementation options. This differentiates RSI’s Revenue Premier from all other products on the market today and reflects a new raised level of expectations for functionality, configurability, interoperability and flexibility in enabling system technology.

42 Winter Street, Pembroke, MA 02359

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