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Waterline Data

FICO partners with industry leading technology providers to provide best of breed capabilities tightly integrated within FICO products to deliver robust solutions to our customers.  FICO embeds or bundles  the Partner technology within FICO products to drive additional value in the capabilities our products deliver.  Leveraging partner technologies enables FICO to focus on our core competencies while delivering complete market solutions.

About Waterline Data
Waterline automates data asset management with applications, based on our smart data catalog platform, that discover, organize, and surface trusted information so you can reduce the time you have to spend manually discovering, tagging, cataloging and curating data so you can get new data to business users more quickly.  Business Professionals: Spend less time searching and more time working.  Waterline makes it easy to quickly search for and find the high-quality data you need to do your job.  Governance Professionals: Waterline automates the application of compliance policies by integrating tagged data with your security infrastructure Data Professionals: Reduces the time you spend manually discovering, tagging and organizing data so you can get new data to business users more quickly. 

Our Partnership
FICO and Waterline Data deliver solutions that help enable data scientists and business analysts with self-service data access to more easily provide data governance.  The FICO and Waterline solution helps businesses manage and comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR.  Waterline Data delivers data discovery, tagging and cataloging software that integrates with FICO’s data quality software to provide joint solutions that automate reporting and quality improvement for data risk and compliance programs. With increasing volumes of data, organizations often lack clarity about what data they have, who has access to it, the quality of the data and what it can be used for.  The result is that they miss upside business opportunities and are exposed to hidden data compliance risk. Waterline Data automates Data Discovery, Lineage tracking, Automated and Community Cataloging which allows self-service data discovery, organization, and to surface trusted information so customers can: Search for data using common business fields ​Actively govern data for compliance and risk Streamline data redundancy and reduce data carrying costs It makes automated data asset management possible across distributed data, whether data is located in a data lake, in the cloud, or in relational data stores. In addition, the Data Cataloging process is necessary for compliance with Regulations for data privacy, GDPR and other privacy laws requiring proper data use and access control.

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