Partner Types

Learn more about the types of organizations FICO partners with.

Partner Types
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Data Provider: Organization or company providing data or data services to FICO, e.g. a credit bureau, data/content aggregator.

Embedded SI: A system integrator that has developed a practice around FICO’s products and/or created solutions or frameworks with FICO products at the core.

OEM: A company that embeds FICO software in a product or service offering to add feature functionality delivered in either a shipped product, a module or cloud application.

Processor: Provides payment and card processing services to financial institutions.

Referral Partner: A company that  brings opportunities to FICO and may work jointly with FICO to close the opportunity in exchange for a pre-determined referral fee.

Reseller VAR: Value add resellers act as FICO’s agent and resell FICO products within a specific geographic region or market niche and may offer value-added deployment, configuration or integration services.

System Integrator (SI): A company that provides consulting and technology services to implement and integrate multiple products or solutions (including 3rd party products or internal solutions).

Technology Partner/ISV: A company that has a complimentary technology that FICO can embed or bundle in/with FICO products or that is integrated with FICO to expand its product capabilities and market addressability. Companies may jointly go-to-market and the ISV partner may evolve to an OEM.