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Analytics & Machine Learning

Leverage patented AI techniques to develop your advanced analytics and train your ML models to deeply understand and predict customer behavior

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Leverage advanced analytics and both open and proprietary ML techniques for explainable model architectures.

Develop and deploy predictive models that enhance your decision making with intelligent and responsible insights.  


The Analytics & Machine Learning Capability provides distinctive, multi-purpose functionality, including:

Explainable Model Architectures

Leverage FICO’s rich patent portfolio to create explainable-first machine learning model architectures to confidently make real-time decisions with transaction data.

Create analytically and heuristically derived, advanced decision trees for decision-level explainability. 

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FICO is in the business of operationalizing analytics to drive optimal business outcomes. This is our heritage and it's part of everything we do. We achieve this by bridging the data science and business teams to empower organizations to achieve world class results, and this is made possible by specialized and powerful analytics and machine learning that are deeply ingrained in our decisioning platform and suite of applications.

Operationalize analytics: easy to say — hard to do

Achieve trustworthy artificial intelligence
Operationalize the latest AI and ML techniques through explainable models that detect bias and ensure fairness.
Bridge siloes
Share and reuse valuable assets from feature sets to transaction profiles, and from analytic models to standard calculations. By making assets discoverable, easy to clone and reuse, as well as fully traceable, you can improve consistency and productivity with full dependency management, so the impact of every change is 100% understood, 100% of the time.
Align datasets
Bring sanity to the model development lifecycle and prove compliance with datasets that are fully aligned, annotated, and auditable between training and production.
Spark business innovation
Empower the business to lead the innovation process. Organize your digital value chain around business stakeholders — from data science to DevSecOps. Unlock the flow of collaboration from the boardroom to the operations engine room.
Win with industry-leading, patented transaction analytics
Uplift your artificial intelligence and ML wheelhouse with the industry’s lowest latency, highest precision event processing. Respond in-moment and in-situ to an extensible portfolio of customer events to differentiate your business.
Case Study

Major Canadian Grocery Retailer

Builds Relationship Value by Systematically Learning What’s Relevant to Individual Customers.
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