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FICO® Platform – Data Capabilities

Break down data silos and create a rich, contextualized view of your customers and organization.

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Establish an ecosystem for loyalty-producing customer experiences.

The fuel to ignite your intelligence revolution

The battle for winning customer loyalty starts with meeting individuals where they are — both in person and in digital moments. FICO® Platform provides everything you need to bring your siloed enterprise data together to build a holistic, contextualized view of your customers, your organization, and your operating environment.

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Infuse your applications with actionable insights and ensure every decision you make happens at the right time and with the best information to grow a profitable, loyal customer base.
What it is

Your foundation for building hyper-personalized experiences.

FICO Platform’s Data Capabilities support the data-driven enterprise by delivering a consistent and productive internal language and authoring experience that drives intelligence into your business applications and services.

  • Leverage diverse data across first- and third-party sources.
  • Optimize performance across high- and low-latency applications.
  • Process data in batch or streaming.
  • Enhance and elevate data

    Map data to business objects to develop richer sets of data features that power smarter predictive analytics and AI.
  • Accelerate learning

    Connect operational data to business outcomes to drive a continuous loop of human and machine learning.
  • Bridge silos

    Share and reuse decision assets throughout the data value chain to facilitate collaboration across functions.
  • Operationalize intelligence

    Create enterprise dataflows that break down organizational silos and bring real-time streaming to life.


Rapidly solve customer challenges across the enterprise with composable capabilities.

Feature Management

Get more machine learning projects into production by leveraging a shared library of derived data attributes across your enterprise


Revolutionize your data-intensive business applications with composable dataflows that dramatically improve your customer-facing business decisions

External Data Access

Inform your decisions and enrich your insights with signals from third-party data and other alternative data sources

Contextual Processing

Improve the performance of your decisioning applications while seamlessly and cost-effectively handling real-time and batch scenarios. 

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The current intelligence revolution is powered by an influx of data.

It is no longer enough to only look at stale, out-of-date customer snapshots that don’t account for their rich, connected histories and their real-time situational complexity. The savviest companies know that winning means extracting value from the noise, delivering context-aware insights leveraging artificial intelligence, and taking immediate action on events to deliver superb experiences. FICO Platform helps you do all that by harnessing streaming signals with real-time decisions and batch processes to power machine learning-enabled moments that reflect a deep understanding of every customer’s situation.


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