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Make more precise, consistent, and intelligent decisions across your enterprise with expert control over your decision logic.

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Design hyper-personalized experiences and determine treatments across the customer lifecycle with fine-grained control over your business logic.

Improve agility by empowering business users to write, analyze, and manage your decision models and strategies. With this world-class decision management system, you can automate your high-volume operational decisions quickly and effectively.


The Decisions Capability provides distinctive, multi-purpose functionality, including:

Decision Authoring

Design policies and procedures using no-code rulesets, scorecards, and other visual metaphors such as decision tables, trees, and flows within an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

  • Increase the speed and efficiency of changes without relying on IT by empowering business users to write and maintain their own business logic. 
  • Represent business logic in the most appropriate form to provide more flexibility for incorporating decision automation into varied use cases and processes. 
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In today’s world, change is the only constant, customer expectations are at an all-time high, and your competitors aren’t slowing down.

FICO’s approach to decision management puts your business users and analysts — those closest to your customers, your market, and your policies — in the driver’s seat. Build and execute winning strategies with greater speed, accuracy, and transparency. No more waiting in line with IT to make changes. Automate more decisions with the best of your human and artificial intelligence to win the trust and loyalty of your customers, all while holistically managing risk and driving your desired business outcomes.

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