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Feature Generation & Profiling

Calculate and serve derived data attributes to more processes, more analytics, and more decisions to maximize value across your organization.

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Data features aren’t just for data scientists.

Transform your business with the most advanced infrastructure for AI-enabled, digital business operations. Calculate, maintain, and provide thousands of data features tied to business entities across your internal and customer-facing decisions. Whether it’s a static calculation, an important compliance metric, or a complex event-series aggregation derived from a high-volume raw data source, FICO® Platform can efficiently expose your data features across the enterprise. 

Efficiently transform raw data
Efficiently transform raw data into decision-ready information about behavioral patterns and trends through transaction-level aggregation.
Establish batch data pipelines
Establish batch data pipelines to periodically fetch data from your data lake or warehouse and transform it into data features.
Expose data features
Expose data features across the enterprise instead of allowing them to stay hidden inside isolated applications and eliminate duplicative costs and risks.
Serve data features
Serve data features consistently and universally across your digital landscape to decision trees, tables, business rules, ML models, traditional analytics, business processes, case management, and all composable assets.
Document and ensure alignment
Document and ensure alignment of all data sets across production and testing.
Streamline collaboration
Streamline collaboration across organizational silos and departments through the visibility and reusable nature of enterprise data features.
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Organizations today need to operationalize advanced analytics and machine learning to provide seamless customer experiences and optimal business outcomes. To succeed with digital transformation, this must be done in a transparent, trustworthy, and predictable way to win your customers’ trust.

Case Study

Major Canadian Grocery Retailer

Builds Relationship Value by Systematically Learning What’s Relevant to Individual Customers.
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