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Link Analysis

Find networks of association for a single, unified view of the customer. Detect suspicious behavior and treat each customer holistically.

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Use link analysis to find networks of association across data stores.

Gain a single view of the customer and understand shared traits that can help you detect suspicious behavior. Treat each customer holistically, no matter how fuzzy they may be represented in internal records.


The Link Analysis provides distinctive, multi-purpose functionality, including:
Detect relationship links and connections across your disparate data and network, revealing insights while treating customers holistically. See people, organizations, locations, and other entities through a single, unified view to find signals in the data deluge.
Build and update relationship networks that derive critical characteristics, improving the power of your predictive models. Proactively detect and prioritize organized fraud and criminal activities using relationship-driven predictive analytics to detect suspicious behavior.
Use real-time, configurable search algorithms across enterprise data with a historical overview to find networks of association across data stores. Give investigators an immediate, intuitive dashboard of established matches.
Easily define entities and manage data through an intuitive, configurable UX that empowers teams. Quickly add new use cases, improving time-to-market and value in an increasingly competitive landscape.
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Analyze networks of relationships and links among entities (like customers) and between disparate data sources without having to move any data. Gain a single view of the customer and understand their commonalities, detect fraud, and suspicious behavior.

Case Study

Prominent North American Bank

A top 5 US bank leverages machine learning to responsibly improve credit risk decisions.
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