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FICO® Platform – Outcome Capabilities

Consistently deliver winning results with the enterprise oversight needed to deliver game-changing decision intelligence and steer business performance.

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Gain critical visibility into the end-to-end impacts of connected decisions across your enterprise.


Realize your decision intelligence potential

Success begins with the end in mind. FICO® Platform provides everything you need to orient around outcomes to ensure all elements of the decision-making process are working together in harmony to deliver compliant, risk-aware, and loyalty-inspiring experiences.

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Establish a network of sensors that are constantly streaming real-time feedback for you to react to and learn from — much faster than your competition.
What It Is

Stimulate curiosity. Foster creativity. Drive success.

FICO Platform’s Outcomes Capabilities help you deliver the results that matter most by powering an always-on learning loop across your decision intelligence ecosystem.

  • Connect decisions to operational and strategic KPIs.
  • Build a robust governance framework.
  • Validate strategies before putting them into production.
  • Encourage collaboration

    Empower your teams across the artificial intelligence value chain — from non-technical business analysts and decision makers to data scientists and machine learning engineers — to actively and confidently improve strategies.
  • Accelerate learning

    Understand the impact of your AI-driven decisions and customer experiences. Constantly monitor results and performance to ensure your data, analytics, machine learning, and other decision-making investments realize their ROI potential.
  • Experiment with confidence

    Fine-tune strategies and adjust course quickly to stay a step ahead of the competition and the market.
  • Spark innovation

    Foster a culture of innovation where machine learning and artificial intelligence work alongside your talentforce to help you compete better and operate more efficiently.


Rapidly solve customer challenges across the enterprise with composable capabilities.


Give your business users the crystal ball they need to creatively explore ideas, respond to emerging trends, and build better decisions.


Keep a pulse on your entire decision ecosystem and drill down into KPIs with real-time, customizable data visualizations


Enforce overall management of the entire ecosystem so you can move quickly and with confidence

Testing & Validation

Ensure your configuration drives the desired outcomes by testing and validating business services across FICO® Platform
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Disruptions in markets and leaps in innovation are the new normal.

Change is the only constant, yet even market leaders struggle to adapt their decision making and integrate technology at the pace that is needed. With 65% of decisions more complex than they were just two years ago [Gartner], it’s more important than ever to know which ones are paying off and which ones aren’t, while simultaneously being able to explain each decision to regulators. FICO Platform offers the integrated intelligence you need to solve your most pressing business problems. Maintain a constant pulse on the effectiveness of your entire decision intelligence operation, enabling you to deploy relevant and robust solutions quickly, confidently, and responsibly.


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