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FICO® Xpress Optimization

Solving your biggest and most complex business problems.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Solve your most difficult business problems
  • Rapidly increase business value
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence

FICO® Decision Management Suite

Realize the promise of advanced analytics and decision management.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Manage and Govern
  • Learn and Improve
  • Execute

FICO® Score

The FICO® Score is used by 90 of the top 100 largest US lending institutions for their risk assessment needs.

  • Get a broad-based view of risk
  • Extend credit with confidence
  • Attain targeted risk control from a multi-scorecard design

FICO® Score Open Access

Deepen customer relationships through credit education and transparency.

  • Strengthen reputation and brand
  • Create goodwill and customer empowerment
  • Boost profits and increase share of wallet


Transaction Monitoring Based on Advanced Analytics.

  • Quick deployment
  • Adaptable to regulatory changes
  • AML powered by machine learning


A lifecycle solution to identify, verify and know your customer.

  • Faster customer on-boarding and superior data
  • Quickly addresses regulation changes
  • Access to the latest customer risks

FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

A highly automated accounts receivable management system to help control costs, boost revenue and stay compliant.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Higher revenue
  • Better productivity
  • Strict compliance

FICO® Falcon® Platform

Powered by a portfolio of fraud-specific machine learning techniques, optimized for specific types of financial transactions.

  • Understand customer behaviors
  • Adapt to new behavior faster
  • Promote new experiences

FICO® Origination Manager

Increase agility, cut application approval time and reduce risk.

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Diminish losses and drive compliance
  • Accelerate the application process with mobile communication

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

Make more profitable customer and account decisions.

FICO TRIAD Community

  • More revenue, fewer delinquencies
  • Smarter decisions
  • Faster adaptation

FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Drive faster, smarter and consistent business decisions.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Faster, more consistent decisioning
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

FICO® Cyber Risk Score

The most accurate security rating service to determine the risk profile of any organization.

  • Transparency
  • Self-Service
  • Machine Learning

Fair Isaac® Advisors Account/Customer Management Processor TRIAD Consulting

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager in partnership with credit card processors.

FICO TRIAD Community

  • Annual analysis
  • Ongoing support & strategy review
  • Benchmarking

Fair Isaac® Advisors Account/Customer Management TRIAD Implementation Consulting

Implementation, business strategy and practical advice for risk technology.

FICO TRIAD Community

  • Appraising credit policies
  • Identifying objectives
  • Evaluating business impact

Fair Isaac® Advisors Collections and Recovery Consulting

Helping the world’s leading banks establish efficient, effective and profitable collections and recovery practices.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Maximum return
  • Experienced industry experts
  • More effective operations

Fair Isaac® Advisors Current State Assessment

Comprehensive on-site review of processes, data, analysis and reporting capabilities.

  • Build a competitive advantage
  • Plan for success
  • Achieve rapid return on investment

Fair Isaac® Advisors Customer Strategy Consulting

Improve growth and profitability with better customer insight and management.

  • Segmentation & value management
  • Customer loyalty & retention
  • Customer interaction management (CIM)

Fair Isaac® Advisors Operational Readiness Review

The Operational Readiness review is designed to help you prepare for change. 

  • Assess sate of readiness
  • Identify quick wins
  • Validate strategic direction

Fair Isaac® Advisors P&L Insight Service

Consulting, analytics, and technology to generate actionable insights.

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Break down silos
  • Plan and execute your strategy

Falcon X

Radically flexible, self-learning financial crime prevention

FICO® Analytic Consulting

Attain the best predictive models for your business needs. 

FICO Analytics Community

  • Improved profitability
  • Build your analytic expertise
  • Faster model implementation

FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional

Evolve beyond segmentation to strategy development and deployment.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Rapidly turn insights into actions
  • Integrates seamlessly

FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional

Improve high-value decisions with sophisticated, predictive models.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Efficiently adjusts for imperfect data
  • Addresses competing objectives
  • Builds best-in-class transparent models

FICO® Analytic Offer Manager

Develop highly-personalized marketing offers based on an individual's engagement.

  • True 1-to-1 marketing
  • Getting your timing right
  • Continual performance improvement

FICO® Analytics Workbench™

Explore, analyze and operationalize data of any size to improve high-value decisions.

  • Improve analytical decisioning
  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Leverage a complete analytics solution

FICO® Application Fraud Manager

Stop fraud at the point of origination.

  • Gain fraud protection, fast
  • Reduce losses, in real-time with AI
  • Make the experience frictionless – for your good customers

FICO® Application Studio

Deliver analytically powered enterprise applications 10 times faster.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Rapid application development
  • Visually develop intelligent applications
  • Change applications faster

FICO® Authentication Suite

Securing the digital experience.

  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Behavioral Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication

FICO® Card Alert Service

Identify mass compromises across the ATM and Debit network with FICO analytics and team of seasoned investigators.

  • Save millions
  • Comprehensive fraud protection
  • Collaborate with your fellow fraud fighters

FICO® Card Compromise Manager

Detect points of mass card compromise faster through the Falcon Intelligence Network.

  • Find fraud faster with cross-institutional data
  • Fight fraud more efficiently with analytics
  • Take a risk-based approach for more effective loss mitigation strategies

FICO® Collection & Recovery Models

Giving lenders and collection agencies the ability to manage collections and recovery debt more effectively.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Predictive power
  • Segmentation
  • Focus

FICO® Collection Optimization

Transforms collection and recovery effectiveness and customer connectivity with easy-to-use analytic tools.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Optimize
  • Evolve
  • Learn

FICO® Collection Scores

Modify collection strategies to better manage your accounts.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Know the score.
  • Choose the right accounts.
  • Get started quickly. No data required.

FICO® Consumer Fraud Control

Empower customers with real-time protection.

  • Engages consumers in fraud protection
  • Reduces fraud, false positives and associated costs
  • Opens a two-way mobile channel for consumer communication

FICO® Credit Capacity Custom Solution

A services offering that measures a consumer’s capacity to safely take on incremental debt.

  • Reduce risk across all lifecycle stages
  • Manage limit increase decsions better
  • Grow and increase loyalty

FICO® Customer Communication Services

Two-way automated voice, text, email and mobile app notifications that are smart, scalable and include a human touch.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Smart strategies.
  • Automated case management.
  • Cloud deployment.

FICO® Customer Communication Services – Fraud Resolution Manager

Intelligent two-communications to automate fraud case resolution and protect with your customer.

  • Smart strategies
  • Omni-channel: text, email, voice, mobile app
  • Automated case management

FICO® Customer Data Integration

Integrates real-time and offline data from a variety of different channels and sources into a consolidated customer view, helping you understand and use insights faster.

  • Support for multiple data feed types.
  • Self-service data tools.
  • Cloud or onsite option.

FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

Data-driven insights to plan, execute and manage multi-channel campaigns that are precisely timed, targeted and personalized.

  • Quickly react to market trends
  • Focus on what matters
  • Adapt seamlessly

FICO® Data Orchestrator

Connect multiple data sources to drive smarter decisions.

  • Maximize data sharing, eliminate data silos
  • Improve business performance
  • Reduce solution delivery time and cost

FICO® Decision Central™

Use centralized model governance to streamline compliance and better manage risk.

  • Minimize compliance risk with comprehensive audit trials
  • Enhance model performance
  • Streamline model validation and deployment

FICO® Decision Management Platform

A high-performance execution platform to power and connect every decision.

FICO DMP Community

  • Connect and manage decisions across the entire enterprise and lifecycle
  • High-performance execution
  • Improves performance through more productive collaboration

FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming

Unlock the value of streaming data to make better real-time decisions.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Become more decision-ready, agile and customer-centric
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Extend existing enterprise applications and decision management

FICO® Decision Modeler powered by FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Rapidly define, execute and manage the decisions that run your business.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Drive smarter business decisions faster
  • Improve business agility
  • Drive centralized decision making

FICO® Decision Optimizer

A powerful tool for business analysts to optimize decision strategies.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Maximize profit and minimize costs by identifying best actions
  • Empower business analysts
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

FICO® DMN Modeler

A free, powerful tool to leverage the open Decision Model and Notation Standard.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Improve the Precision of Decision Making
  • Maintain enterprise-wide consistency
  • Lower costs and reduce time to market

FICO® Falcon® Assurance Navigator

Continuous, data-driven financial controls in the Procure to Pay Cycle.

  • Stronger Oversight
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Controls

FICO® Identity Proofing

Securing the digital experience.

  • Digital Onboarding
  • Reduced Fraud
  • Enable eKYC

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

Proactively uncover fraud rings with graph analytics.

  • Uncover up to 50% more fraud with powerful analytics
  • Reduce manual work to increase investigator efficiency
  • Monitor your portfolio across the customer lifecycle

FICO® Insurance Scores

Gain an added perspective on risk with credit data and FICO modeling.

  • Increase profitability
  • Improve customer service
  • Build a richer picture of risk

FICO® Medication Adherence Score

Helping healthcare providers proactively take actions to improve adherence levels.

  • Effectively identify non-compliance
  • A proactive approach to compliance management
  • Improve planning and targeting

FICO® Model Builder

Explore and analyze data of any size or complexity.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Quickly develop analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Leading scorecard technology

FICO® Model Translator

Translate, execute and quickly deploy SAS models.

  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Reduce licensing and training costs
  • Greater transparency and control

FICO® Network

One direct, efficient and secure desktop connection to creditors, partners, agencies and data sources.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Succeed at light speed
  • Connect and collect
  • Work with the best

FICO® Optimization Solution for Deposit Pricing

Make the right pricing decisions using advanced analytics.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Increase Profitability
  • Ease Compliance
  • Enable Collaboration

FICO® Origination Manager Essentials—Small Business

Drive profitable growth in a challenging market.

  • Origination in line with ROI
  • Scalable smart decisions
  • Easier regulatory compliance

FICO® Payment Integrity Platform

Strengthening cost containment with the power of adaptive, predictive analytics.

  • Medical Policy
  • Cost Containment
  • Special Investigations Unit

FICO® Placement Optimizer

Increase collection revenue with smart account placement.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Strategic analysis defines placement strategy.
  • Match the right account to the right placement strategy.
  • Credit grantors maintain complete control.

FICO® PlacementsPlus® Service

Gives credit grantors unprecedented visibility and control of accounts placed with agencies, attorneys, debt buyers and internal recovery departments.

FICO Collections & Recovery Community

  • Faster recovery
  • Less guesswork
  • Optimized placements

FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care

Improve the effectiveness of adherence, utilization, care and case management programs.

  • Identify behaviors of non-compliance
  • Maximize patient engagement
  • Test and learn for improvement

FICO® Real-Time Experience Manager

Deliver great experiences and learn more about your customers, using real-time data and advanced analytics.

  • Adaptable flows
  • Better experiences
  • Complete views

FICO® Retail Fraud Manager

Combat in-store and online returns fraud.

  • Advanced rules management and case management
  • Detect fraud with proven technology
  • Reduce fraud losses

FICO® Risk and Affordability Decision Suite, powered by Equifax®

Fair, responsible, compliant lending through deeper customer insights.

  • Deeper customer insight
  • Compliant by design
  • Fast time to value

FICO® Safe Driving Score

A consistent and objective measure of driver risk and safety based on driving behaviors.

  • Safety in Numbers
  • Monitor and Motivate
  • Not hindsight, predict future risk

FICO® Score Adoption Services

Providing deep analytics knowledge and broad experience of how to assess and evaluate scores.

  • Assess predictive power of the score
  • Confidence in the financial lift of scores
  • Derive immediate value

FICO® Score Economic Calibration Service

Get a consistent and common measure of consumer credit health.

  • Stress-test consumer credit portfolios
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Comply with CCAR requirements

FICO® Score for International Markets

The FICO® Score can be used in any country where there is active and stable credit reporting data.

  • With or without data
  • Tailored to your market
  • Fair access to credit

FICO® Score X Data

Expanding financial inclusion by scoring millions more consumers worldwide.

  • Enables portfolio growth into consumer populations.
  • Apply leading edge psychometrics and behavioral data.
  • New alternative data sources.

FICO® Score XD

Giving bankcard issuers the ability to identify credit worthy, previously unscorable, borrowers.

  • Expanded Scoreable Universe
  • Easy integration
  • An onramp to mainstream credit

FICO® Small Business Scoring Service℠

Consistently minimize the data, time, and expense of assessing a small business applicants’ credit risk.

  • More profitable credit portfolios
  • Make objective, consistent decisions
  • Analysis of rich pooled data


Credit grantors for small and medium-sized enterprises now have a comprehensive tool to assess credit risk.

  • Streamline operations
  • Identify profitable accounts
  • Delight your clients

FICO® Strategy Director for Retail Banking

Smarter banking decisions.

  • Limit losses
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Stay compliant

FICO® Strategy Director for Telecommunications

Aligning offers with customer needs.

  • Profitability.
  • Agility and compliance.
  • Customer loyalty.


A single environment for the management of financial crime alerts

  • Holistic 360° Customer View
  • Automation and Standardization
  • Regulatory Filing & Reporting

FICO® TONBELLER™ Siron™ Embargo

Real-time transaction screening to prevent the financing of terrorism.

  • Increases accuracy
  • Stay compliant
  • Certified solution


Automating business partner due diligence.

  • Faster on-boarding and better data
  • Quickly address changing regulations
  • Stay compliant


Quick and easy business risk assessment.

  • Risk assessment framework endorsed by regulators and auditors
  • Industry leading practices
  • Methodical and advanced risk mitigation


Effectively managing risk across the enterprise.

  • Easy implementation
  • Improve the quality and speed of reporting, while improving transparency
  • Maximize the effectiveness of compliance programs


Simplifying complex CRS & FATCA reporting obligations.

  • Improved efficiency
  • All-in-one
  • Future-proof technology

FICO® Xpress Executor

Quickly Deploy and Execute Optimization Models.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Deliver optimized decisions quickly
  • Deploy optimization models as powerful applications
  • Simple deployment of optimization models as web services

FICO® Xpress Insight

Put the power of optimization in the hands of business users.

FICO Optimization Community

  • True optimization, powered by your business experts
  • Deliver optimized decisions quickly
  • Have the flexibility to do what works for your business quickly

FICO® Xpress Solver

Fast and reliable linear, nonlinear, mixed-integer and constraint programming solvers & optimization technologies.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Solve your most difficult business problems
  • Solve optimization problems faster
  • Solve nonlinear problems quickly

FICO® Xpress Workbench

Solving your biggest and most complex business problems.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Solve your most difficult business problems
  • Build powerful optimization models
  • Easy-to-learn and apply across industry use cases

FICO® Financial Crimes Studio

Explainable AI that Performs at Scale.

  • Expandable AI
  • InstantML
  • Operational Models

Property PredictR® Insurance Score

The first statistically developed risk score based exclusively on residential property inspection information.

  • Build a comprehensive risk profile
  • Minimize loss risk
  • Maximize profit per decision

Tableau® for FICO®

Industry leading, data and analytics visualization tool to monitor your data, decisions, and performance.

  • Improve Performance
  • Improve Agility
  • Reduce Costs

UltraFICO™ Score

The consumer-powered score. See where it can take you.

  • Smart
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative