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FICO® Xpress Optimization

Solving your biggest and most complex business problems.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Solve your most difficult business problems
  • Rapidly increase business value
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence

FICO® Decision Management Suite

Realize the promise of advanced analytics and decision management.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Manage and Govern
  • Learn and Improve
  • Execute

FICO® Score

The FICO® Score is used by 90 of the top 100 largest US lending institutions for their risk assessment needs.

  • Get a broad-based view of risk
  • Extend credit with confidence
  • Attain targeted risk control from a multi-scorecard design

FICO® Score Open Access

Deepen customer relationships through credit education and transparency.

  • Strengthen reputation and brand
  • Create goodwill and customer empowerment
  • Boost profits and increase share of wallet


Transaction Monitoring Based on Advanced Analytics.

  • Quick deployment
  • Adaptable to regulatory changes
  • AML powered by machine learning


A lifecycle solution to identify, verify and know your customer.

  • Faster customer on-boarding and superior data
  • Quickly addresses regulation changes
  • Access to the latest customer risks

FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

A highly automated accounts receivable management system to help control costs, boost revenue and stay compliant.

  • Higher revenue
  • Better productivity
  • Strict compliance

FICO® Falcon® Platform

Powered by a portfolio of fraud-specific machine learning techniques, optimized for specific types of financial transactions.

  • Understand customer behaviors
  • Adapt to new behavior faster
  • Promote new experiences

FICO® Origination Manager

Increase agility, cut application approval time and reduce risk.

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Diminish losses and drive compliance
  • Accelerate the application process with mobile communication

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

Make more profitable customer and account decisions.

FICO TRIAD Community

  • More revenue, fewer delinquencies
  • Smarter decisions
  • Faster adaptation

FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Drive faster, smarter and consistent business decisions.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Faster, more consistent decisioning
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

FICO® Cyber Risk Score

The most accurate security rating service to determine the risk profile of any organization.

  • Transparency
  • Self-Service
  • Machine Learning

Fair Isaac® Advisors Account/Customer Management Processor TRIAD Consulting

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager in partnership with credit card processors.

FICO TRIAD Community

  • Annual analysis
  • Ongoing support & strategy review
  • Benchmarking

Fair Isaac® Advisors Account/Customer Management TRIAD Implementation Consulting

Implementation, business strategy and practical advice for risk technology.

FICO TRIAD Community

  • Appraising credit policies
  • Identifying objectives
  • Evaluating business impact

Fair Isaac® Advisors Collections and Recovery Consulting

Helping the world’s leading banks establish efficient, effective and profitable collections and recovery practices.

  • Maximum return
  • Experienced industry experts
  • More effective operations

Fair Isaac® Advisors Current State Assessment

Comprehensive on-site review of processes, data, analysis and reporting capabilities.

  • Build a competitive advantage
  • Plan for success
  • Achieve rapid return on investment

Fair Isaac® Advisors Customer Strategy Consulting

Improve growth and profitability with better customer insight and management.

  • Segmentation & value management
  • Customer loyalty & retention
  • Customer interaction management (CIM)

Fair Isaac® Advisors Operational Readiness Review

The Operational Readiness review is designed to help you prepare for change. 

  • Assess sate of readiness
  • Identify quick wins
  • Validate strategic direction

Fair Isaac® Advisors P&L Insight Service

Consulting, analytics, and technology to generate actionable insights.

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Break down silos
  • Plan and execute your strategy

FICO® Analytic Consulting

Attain the best predictive models for your business needs. 

FICO Analytics Community

  • Improved profitability
  • Build your analytic expertise
  • Faster model implementation

FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional

Evolve beyond segmentation to strategy development and deployment.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Rapidly turn insights into actions
  • Integrates seamlessly

FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional

Improve high-value decisions with sophisticated, predictive models.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Efficiently adjusts for imperfect data
  • Addresses competing objectives
  • Builds best-in-class transparent models

FICO® Analytic Offer Manager

Develop highly-personalized marketing offers based on an individual's engagement.

  • True 1-to-1 marketing
  • Getting your timing right
  • Continual performance improvement

FICO® Analytics Workbench™

Explore, analyze and operationalize data of any size to improve high-value decisions.

  • Improve analytical decisioning
  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Leverage a complete analytics solution

FICO® Application Fraud Manager

Stop fraud at the source: Applications.

  • Gain fraud protection, fast
  • Reduce fraud’s financial impact
  • Extend existing investments

FICO® Application Studio

Deliver analytically powered enterprise applications 10 times faster.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Rapid application development
  • Visually develop intelligent applications
  • Change applications faster

FICO® Card Alert Service

Prevent losses with early detection of fraudulent activity.

  • Saves millions in potential losses
  • Comprehensive fraud protection
  • Realize significant ROI

FICO® Card Compromise Manager

Reduce fraud losses by detecting merchant compromise faster.

  • Mitigate fraud exposure
  • Fight fraud more efficiently
  • Manage risk more effectively

FICO® Claims Fraud Solution

Detect and prioritize fraud incidents.

  • Detect more fraud
  • Prioritize claims
  • Reduce false positives

FICO® Collection & Recovery Models

Giving lenders and collection agencies the ability to manage collections and recovery debt more effectively.

  • Predictive power
  • Segmentation
  • Focus

FICO® Collection Optimization

Transforms collection and recovery effectiveness and customer connectivity with easy-to-use analytic tools.

  • Optimize
  • Evolve
  • Learn

FICO® Collection Scores

Modify collection strategies to better manage your accounts.

  • Know the score.
  • Choose the right accounts.
  • Get started quickly. No data required.

FICO® Consumer Fraud Control

Empower customers with real-time protection.

  • Engages consumers in fraud protection
  • Reduces fraud, false positives and associated costs
  • Opens a two-way mobile channel for consumer communication

FICO® Credit Capacity Custom Solution

A services offering that measures a consumer’s capacity to safely take on incremental debt.

  • Reduce risk across all lifecycle stages
  • Manage limit increase decsions better
  • Grow and increase loyalty

FICO® Customer Communication Services

Two-way automated voice, text, email and mobile app notifications that are smart, scalable and include a human touch.

  • Smart strategies.
  • Automated case management.
  • Cloud deployment.

FICO® Customer Data Integration

Integrates real-time and offline data from a variety of different channels and sources into a consolidated customer view, helping you understand and use insights faster.

  • Support for multiple data feed types.
  • Self-service data tools.
  • Cloud or onsite option.

FICO® Customer Dialogue Manager

Data-driven insights to plan, execute and manage multi-channel campaigns that are precisely timed, targeted and personalized.

  • Quickly react to market trends
  • Focus on what matters
  • Adapt seamlessly

FICO® Customer Experience Consulting

Where data science meets customer experience.

  • Improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Optimal focus of resources and efforts
  • Sustained, integrated and ongoing support

FICO® Data Orchestrator

Connect multiple data sources to drive smarter decisions.

  • Maximize data sharing, eliminate data silos
  • Improve business performance
  • Reduce solution delivery time and cost

FICO® Decision Central™

Use centralized model governance to streamline compliance and better manage risk.

  • Minimize compliance risk with comprehensive audit trials
  • Enhance model performance
  • Streamline model validation and deployment

FICO® Decision Management Platform

A high-performance execution platform to power and connect every decision.

FICO DMP Community

  • Connect and manage decisions across the entire enterprise and lifecycle
  • High-performance execution
  • Improves performance through more productive collaboration

FICO® Decision Management Platform Streaming

Unlock the value of streaming data to make better real-time decisions.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Become more decision-ready, agile and customer-centric
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Extend existing enterprise applications and decision management

FICO® Decision Modeler powered by FICO® Blaze Advisor® Decision Rules Management System

Rapidly define, execute and manage the decisions that run your business.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Drive smarter business decisions faster
  • Improve business agility
  • Drive centralized decision making

FICO® Decision Optimizer

A powerful tool for business analysts to optimize decision strategies.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Maximize profit and minimize costs by identifying best actions
  • Empower business analysts
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

FICO® DMN Modeler

A free, powerful tool to leverage the open Decision Model and Notation Standard.

FICO Decision Technology Community

  • Improve the Precision of Decision Making
  • Maintain enterprise-wide consistency
  • Lower costs and reduce time to market

FICO® Falcon® Assurance Navigator

Continuous, data-driven financial controls.

  • Stronger Oversight
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Controls

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

Resolve individuals' identities and reveal fraud rings.

  • Uncover up to 50% more fraud
  • Increase investigator efficiency
  • Improve collection efforts

FICO® Insurance Scores

Gain an added perspective on risk with credit data and FICO modeling.

  • Increase profitability
  • Improve customer service
  • Build a richer picture of risk

FICO® Medication Adherence Score

Helping healthcare providers proactively take actions to improve adherence levels.

  • Effectively identify non-compliance
  • A proactive approach to compliance management
  • Improve planning and targeting

FICO® Model Builder

Explore and analyze data of any size or complexity.

FICO Analytics Community

  • Quickly develop analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Leading scorecard technology

FICO® Model Translator

Translate, execute and quickly deploy SAS models.

  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Reduce licensing and training costs
  • Greater transparency and control

FICO® Network

One direct, efficient and secure desktop connection to creditors, partners, agencies and data sources.

  • Succeed at light speed
  • Connect and Collect
  • Work with the best

FICO® Optimization Solution for Deposit Pricing

Make the right pricing decisions using advanced analytics.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Increase Profitability
  • Ease Compliance
  • Enable Collaboration

FICO® Origination Manager Essentials—Small Business

Drive profitable growth in a challenging market.

  • Origination in line with ROI
  • Scalable smart decisions
  • Easier regulatory compliance

FICO® Payment Integrity Platform

Strengthening cost containment with the power of adaptive, predictive analytics.

  • Medical Policy
  • Cost Containment
  • Special Investigations Unit

FICO® Placement Optimizer

Increase collection revenue with smart account placement.

  • Strategic analysis defines placement strategy.
  • Match the right account to the right placement strategy.
  • Credit grantors maintain complete control.

FICO® PlacementsPlus® Service

Gives credit grantors unprecedented visibility and control of accounts placed with agencies, attorneys, debt buyers and internal recovery departments.

  • Faster recovery
  • Less guesswork
  • Optimized placements

FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care

Improve the effectiveness of adherence, utilization, care and case management programs.

  • Identify behaviors of non-compliance
  • Maximize patient engagement
  • Test and learn for improvement

FICO® Real-Time Experience Manager

Deliver great experiences and learn more about your customers, using real-time data and advanced analytics.

  • Adaptable flows
  • Better experiences
  • Complete views

FICO® Retail Fraud Manager

Combat in-store and online returns fraud.

  • Advanced rules management and case management
  • Detect fraud with proven technology
  • Reduce fraud losses

FICO® Risk and Affordability Decision Suite, powered by Equifax®

Fair, responsible, compliant lending through deeper customer insights.

  • Deeper customer insight
  • Compliant by design
  • Fast time to value

FICO® Safe Driving Score

A consistent and objective measure of driver risk and safety based on driving behaviors.

  • Safety in Numbers
  • Monitor and Motivate
  • Not hindsight, predict future risk

FICO® Score Adoption Services

Providing deep analytics knowledge and broad experience of how to assess and evaluate scores.

  • Assess predictive power of the score
  • Confidence in the financial lift of scores
  • Derive immediate value

FICO® Score Economic Calibration Service

Get a consistent and common measure of consumer credit health.

  • Stress-test consumer credit portfolios
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Comply with CCAR requirements

FICO® Score for International Markets

The FICO® Score can be used in any country where there is active and stable credit reporting data.

  • With or without data
  • Tailored to your market
  • Fair access to credit

FICO® Score X Data

Expanding financial inclusion by scoring millions more consumers worldwide.

  • Enables portfolio growth into consumer populations.
  • Apply leading edge psychometrics and behavioral data.
  • New alternative data sources.

FICO® Score XD

Giving bankcard issuers the ability to identify credit worthy, previously unscorable, borrowers.

  • Expanded Scoreable Universe
  • Easy integration
  • An onramp to mainstream credit

FICO® Small Business Scoring Service℠

Consistently minimize the data, time, and expense of assessing a small business applicants’ credit risk.

  • More profitable credit portfolios
  • Make objective, consistent decisions
  • Analysis of rich pooled data


Credit grantors for small and medium-sized enterprises now have a comprehensive tool to assess credit risk.

  • Streamline operations
  • Identify profitable accounts
  • Delight your clients

FICO® Strategy Director for Retail Banking

Smarter banking decisions.

  • Limit losses
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Stay compliant

FICO® Strategy Director for Telecommunications

Aligning offers with customer needs.

  • Profitability.
  • Agility and compliance.
  • Customer loyalty.


Automating business partner due diligence.

  • Faster on-boarding and better data
  • Quickly address changing regulations
  • Stay compliant


Quick and easy business risk assessment.

  • Risk assessment framework endorsed by regulators and auditors
  • Industry leading practices
  • Methodical and advanced risk mitigation


Effectively managing risk across the enterprise.

  • Easy implementation
  • Improve the quality and speed of reporting, while improving transparency
  • Maximize the effectiveness of compliance programs


Today’s sophisticated criminal attacks cut across multiple channels, business lines and geographies. As fraud, anti-money laundering, and know your customer functions converge, a more comprehensive view of financial crime data is required. Siron® ACM connects and consolidates alerts and cases from multiple source systems, breaking down data silos to visually represent relationships between alerts, cases, involved persons, accounts and products. At last, you can realize a 360-degree view of customers across all financial crime risks.

  • Holistic 360° Customer View
  • Automation and Standardization
  • Regulatory Filing & Reporting

FICO® TONBELLER® Siron® Embargo

Real-time transaction screening to prevent the financing of terrorism.

  • Increases accuracy
  • Stay compliant
  • Certified solution


Simplifying complex CRS & FATCA reporting obligations.

  • Improved efficiency
  • All-in-one
  • Future-proof technology

FICO® Xpress Executor

Quickly Deploy and Execute Optimization Models.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Deliver optimized decisions quickly
  • Deploy optimization models as powerful applications
  • Simple deployment of optimization models as web services

FICO® Xpress Insight

Put the power of optimization in the hands of business users.

FICO Optimization Community

  • True optimization, powered by your business experts
  • Deliver optimized decisions quickly
  • Have the flexibility to do what works for your business quickly

FICO® Xpress Solver

Fast and reliable linear, nonlinear, mixed-integer and constraint programming solvers & optimization technologies.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Solve your most difficult business problems
  • Solve optimization problems faster
  • Solve nonlinear problems quickly

FICO® Xpress Workbench

Solving your biggest and most complex business problems.

FICO Optimization Community

  • Solve your most difficult business problems
  • Build powerful optimization models
  • Easy-to-learn and apply across industry use cases

Property PredictR® Insurance Score

The first statistically developed risk score based exclusively on residential property inspection information.

  • Build a comprehensive risk profile
  • Minimize loss risk
  • Maximize profit per decision

Tableau® for FICO®

Industry leading, data and analytics visualization tool to monitor your data, decisions, and performance.

  • Improve Performance
  • Improve Agility
  • Reduce Costs