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FICO® Cyber Risk Score

FICO® Cyber Risk Score

The most accurate security rating service –
now available on the AWS Marketplace.


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Product Details

The most accurate cyber risk score


The FICO Cyber Risk Score is the most accurate cyber risk signal that you can leverage into your risk management programs.  This three-digit score distills a broad range of raw data signals in an easy to use metric.  The score is delivered via a suite of applications (Enterprise Security Suite) which are tailored to various use cases including self assessment, vendor management, as well as cyber insurance underwriting.  While Enterprise Security Suite - Portrait (Basic and Premium) is best suited for use for self-assessment while Enterprise Security Suite – Landscape is ideal for third-party cyber risk management, both for vendors or cyber insurance policies.

Icon 1   Machine Learning models trained on historical data

Icon 2   Customizable asset definitions to refine the scope

Icon 3   Workflow integrations for a variety of use cases to facilitate decisions  



Core Benefits


FICO Cyber Risk Score

Access to the most accurate cyber risk metric available

Self-service asset curation for imporved accuracy

Score trending/benchmarking

Data categorization for score imporvement


Data and Reporting

PDF reports

Ongoing weekly data updates

IP address level signal details

View and track timestamped notes on any IP level data signal

External API integrations

Data download to excel via csv


Third Party Risk Assessment

External and objective measure third-party cyber risk

Benchmark security preformance across segments of partners

Breach insurance underwriting workflow features

Vendor management workflow features

portfolio management

Information sharing with vendors/policy holders

Risk aggregation data and modeling

Financial loss scenario modeling 




Enterprise Risk Behaviors






Portrait Portal

  5X more accurate than competitors published results.

  Free access to the security rating used by cyber insurers.

  Self-service asset curation improves accuracy.

  Ability to monitor your security score improvement over time.

  No need for tedious ombudsmen processes.

  Clearly convey security performance results to executive leadership.


Landscape Portal

  Benchmark security performance across segments of partners.

  Support breach insurance underwriting.

  Understand portfolio risk across all insurance policies.

  Monitor the risk of your existing partner portfolio.

  Help CROs and CPOs tackle active vendor management.

  Vet the risk of potential partners.




Use Cases



The FICO® Cyber Risk Score supports cybersecurity risk assessments and underwriting decisions. It accurately captures the risk posture of an organization as observed from an external vantage point. This quantifiable security rating is used to price insurance policies and determine exclusions or riders.


Vendor Risk

Manage and monitor the cybersecurity risk introduced by your vendors. The FICO® Cyber Risk Score presents aggregated data and measurements that capture the cybersecurity risk of your vendors via a diverse set of measurements. Linked tools within the Landscape portal of the FICO® Enterprise Security Suite allows a conversation with your vendors regarding the reported data.


Self Assessment

The FICO Cyber Risk Score can be used to implement a cyber risk self-assessment program that utilizes the score and the underlying data in a continuous monitoring context as the basis of the self-assessment. The results can then be presented to the C-Suite as part of an ongoing reporting function.