Data Decisions PrescreenCentral™

Increase the Personalization and Effectiveness of Prescreen Campaigns

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PrescreenCentral can help you generate more attractive and relevant credit card, auto finance, or personal loan offers than your peers with more personalized segmentation, demonstrating your knowledge of the customer’s needs.

Investing in the right tools to generate more personalized, effective offers will help you see the return you want while mitigating risk. Data Decisions PrescreenCentral™ helps financial institutions such as regional banks and credit unions achieve more effective prescreen campaigns. It is a single solution from industry leaders Equifax and FICO for identifying qualified individuals, segmenting and refining your audience, and delivering personalized offers. It does this by bringing together the best consumer data, risk analytics, decision technology, and flexible marketing automation.


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Right Data + Analytic Tools

Leverage current risk-criteria from any of FICO’s risk decisioning solutions to evaluate consumer eligibility against Equifax consumer credit information to generate prescreen prospect lists.

Execute personalized campaigns

Manage highly personalized prescreen marketing campaigns from concept to execution to generate better booking rates and profitable portfolio growth.

Scalable Transactional Pricing

Transactional pricing enables lenders to spread available marketing budget across “right-sized” marketing campaigns throughout the year.

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