FICO® Analytics Workbench™

Predictive Modeling with Machine Learning and Explainable AI.

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Next Generation Analytics with xAI

FICO® Analytics Workbench is an integrated suite of state-of-the-art analytic authoring tools that empowers companies to improve business decisions across the customer lifecycle. With it, data scientists can build superior decisioning capabilities using a wide range of predictive data modeling tools and algorithms, including the latest machine learning (ML) and explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) approaches.

Innovate without limits

We enhance the best of open source data science and machine learning with innovative intellectual property from FICO to deliver world-class analytic capabilities to discover, combine, and operationalize predictive signals in data. Analytics Workbench is built on the leading FICO® Platform to allow new predictive models and strategies to be deployed into production with ease.

High-performance analytics

Build high-performance analytics with machine learning and explainable AI. Includes support for visual data exploration, notebooks, Python, and fairness detection.

Boost predictive power

Explore, uncover, and correct problems with the raw data with or without writing code, and filter, cleanse, and enrich the data with simplicity. Boost predictive power with proven scorecards and decision trees

Divergence scorecards

Easily create divergence scorecards for binary targets with a scorecard wizard, and train models to quickly identify the most predictive variables. Intuitive insights for rapid strategy deployment

New analytic strategies

Build new analytic strategies and combine policy rules with data-informed splits to meet specific guidelines and deploy strategies for rapid operationalization of your predictive models.
Cabot Credit Management Boosts Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

We are thrilled to have a system that has the predictive power of advanced machine learning techniques combined with the flexibility, explainability, and implementation ease of a scorecard.

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at a Top 5 US Bank


FICO® Analytics Workbench™ wraps modeling with data preparation, and consistent enterprise-wide deployment through FICO® Platform, which enables enterprises to make better customer decisions by predicting, analyzing, and optimizing customer interactions in real time.

The State of Predictive Analytics & AI

FICO recently commissioned an independent global research report on the use of AI and analytics and found that:


report ethics are critical to succeed


have a unified approach for AI projects


report scorecards have big potential for impact
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Decision Management and Optimization
Case Study

Prominent North American Bank

A top 5 US bank leverages machine learning to responsibly improve credit risk decisions.
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Better Predictions for Better Decisions

From credit risk to marketing offers to preventing financial crime, we’ve helped leading organizations solve some of their toughest problems. How can AI and ML help your business today?

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