FICO® Analytics Workbench™ – Falcon® Edition

Give your data scientists the power to detect fraud and financial crimes using explainable AI.

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Make better decisions using machine learning and Explainable AI

FICO® Analytics Workbench – Falcon® Edition gives your data scientists access to FICO® InstantML — FICO’s portfolio of machine learning techniques that support thousands of banks around the world. With open source libraries and InstantML, you have the freedom of choice and the tools to create models that perform at scale.


Combine proven techniques with your domain expertise and access to open source frameworks, so you can prevent the next generation of fraud and financial crime.

Explainable AI

Improve regulatory and model governance by gaining greater visibility into model behaviors.


A proven portfolio of adaptive machine learning techniques now available for custom modeling.

Operationalize Models

Seamlessly deploy models in FICO® Falcon® X for real-time transaction monitoring at scale.

Open Source Libraries

Data wrangling, pre-processing functions, and notebooks for interactive model development.
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Build real-time machine learning models with proven AI techniques

Prevent the next generation of fraud and financial crimes by combining analytic innovations developed by FICO with your data, your domain expertise, and access to open source frameworks. Collaborate flexibly through analytic notebooks and open source libraries with transparency into the variables used in specific models and how these variables can impact results. Explainable AI reveals a model’s behaviors and explains its predictions.

Explainable AI

Interactive Data Wrangling

Advanced Machine Learning

Adaptive Modeling Technology


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Gain a Competitive Edge Using Advanced Analytic Technologies

More accurately anticipate consumer actions so you can deliver consumer experiences that are convenient and secure.