FICO® Applications Workbench

Decisioning applications built mobile and web ready.

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FICO® Applications Workbench

FICO® Applications Workbench is the preferred low code application development platform that integrates with FICO® Decision Management Suite, providing end-to-end integration with the services running on the platform. It is a low code web-based application development tool that allows developers to rapidly build enterprise-grade mobile and web applications. It delivers a palette with pre-fabricated widgets that can be assembled and hooked into an enterprise back-end system with either databases or web services. Applications built from Applications Workbench run natively from FICO® Decision Management Platform, which connects and shares data and decision science services to foster collaboration and scale analytically-powered solutions to enable digital transformation. The workbench integrates with Decision Management Suite, which provides centralized control to author interconnected analytics and decision services to rapidly develop and deploy applications.

Enabling Technologies

FICO Applications Workbench, as a core part of the FICO Platform, leverages many of the components of the Decision Management Suite. Click below to learn more:

Technical Details

For developers who want faster ways to build and deliver applications that drive customer engagement, FICO® Applications Workbench provides rapid, enterprise-grade application development with visual elements, reusable widgets, easy integration, and instant deployment. Unlike competitors that lack the robust foundation of a platform, FICO Applications Workbench runs on FICO® Decision Management Platform and seamlessly supports FICO® Decision Management Suite authored services, which helps enable developers to easily integrate analytic, decision, and optimization components along with ensuring security, governance, and lifecycle management. The FICO Platform and Applications Workbench are:
Deliver apps 65% faster with visual development, easy integration, and instant deployment.
Security, access control, governance, and lifecycle management.
Fully integrated to quickly leverage decisioning: rules, analytics, and optimization.
Open, standards-based code generation and customization.
Build and deliver applications using APIs, microservices, and containerization.
The platform allows developers to easily experiment with new ideas. This experimentation enables the innovation needed to stay ahead of rapidly evolving customer expectations and digital disruptions.
Cut development costs by building apps in a matter of days or weeks as compared to months in traditional approach to development.
There is no need to remove everything that came before the latest round of technology. Developers can reuse their existing resources and easily modernize legacy projects.

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