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FICO® Blaze Advisor®

As FICO’s flagship rules authoring solution and world’s leading decision rules management system, FICO® Blaze Advisor® maximizes control over high-volume operational decisions. Blaze Advisor provides businesses across multiple industries with a scalable solution that delivers unprecedented agility and actionability for smarter, transparent, and better business decisions. Blaze Advisor empowers business users with multiple methods for rule authoring, testing, deployment, and management — including decision trees, scorecards, decision tables, graphic decision flows and customized templates. It also supports monitoring of business performance captured through user defined events, providing the building blocks for strategy orchestration and champion/challenger scenarios. Powerful impact and decision analysis capabilities provide explainability and multiple pathways into developing and managing the strategies that will make you successful. Visit the FICO Decision Technology Community to download software trials, get support and talk to the experts!


FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.
– Decision rules can be defined, reviewed, and maintained using a variety of different formats, such as ruleset, decision table, decision tree, scorecard, function, decision flow, etc. Any type of decision assets can be displayed in the most practical and natural way.
– Intuitive Rule Builder with business-friendly drag-and-drop capabilities gives business users complete control of rule creation, testing, and deployment.
– Advanced Builder empowers technical savvy users with flexibility and controls through an English-like programming language SRL (FICO Structured Rule Language).
– Business terms are created to extend object models from the RMA (Rule Maintenance Application) and then used to author rules in any kind of decision entities.
– By rapidly deploying analytics to a rules-based decision environment, advanced analytics models and machine learning models can be viewed and edited right within Blaze Advisor instead of querying and interpreting the results in isolation.
– Support multiple open standards and common languages – PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language), FSML (FICO Strategy Markup Language), SAS programs, Python, R, SPSS, etc.
– FICO® Model Translator makes translating SAS programming language into a decision service a breeze. Converted decision services can be easily deployed into different environments such as Web Services, Java, Spark, and COBOL.
– Testing modules can easily debug issues with decision logic in the staging environment before the project can be deployed in the production environment.
– Test reports show the distribution of values and display graphical comparisons of the differences between the expected and actual results.
– Visual tracing provides a way for stepping through the execution to determine if any problems lie with the decision logic or data.
– Impact analysis report shows the impact of changes to the decision logic in the most intuitive ways so users can assess and estimate the impact of new and updated business rules before putting them into production.
– Decision simulation provides wizards, pre-packaged templates, and reports to quickly simulate the potential business impact of new rules. The simulated results provide critical insights for assessing the business outcomes in risk, revenue, retention, profit, and other metrics.
– A centralized all-encompassing repository stores versioned rules, decision assets, and test cases in all phases of the development lifecycle.
– Check-in/check-out and version management features support a mature release management process for decision projects.
– Compiled Sequential mode delivers fastest performance for the rules engine during both compilation time and execution time. The Rete III inference engine benchmarks more than 300% faster than competitive engines at the highest levels of complexity.
– Seamless integration with a wide range of other technologies such as WebSphere, JBoss, and WebLogic enables intelligently deploying and executing rules in multiple platforms.
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This solution is helping us modernize our entire claims solution. Blaze Advisor gives us the ability to function at scale in a complex environment and enables us to serve our customers better and faster.

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