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FICO® Customer Communication Services

An intelligent omni-channel digital communication management system preconfigured for fraud, debt collection, originations, and customer engagement.

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Unparalleled communications expertise across the consumer lifecycle

See how FICO helps deliver real business results and better customer experiences for leading organizations across industries and around the world.
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decrease in loss per case
of loan applications completed self-serve
re-engagement of applicants who had failed to return requested documents

Digital, intelligent, and personalized omnichannel communications

FICO® Customer Communication Service is an intelligent, automated, two-way communication solution that allows real-time communication with consumers using voice, SMS, mobile applications, email, social media, and other channels.

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Seamless enterprise-wide communication and enhanced customer experience.

FICO Customer Communications Service is a flexible technology solution for optimal customer communication management, helping you build, manage, and extend digital communication capabilities across the enterprise. Our solution allows you to: 

  • Conduct controlled experiments with different timed sequences across channels. 
  • Automate and integrate communications for enterprise-wide decisioning, from simple notifications to multi-step, cross-channel strategies driven by predictive models and machine learning 
  • Use detailed interaction and outcome data to improve risk-based segmentation or enable fraud detection models to adapt faster to changing behavior and emerging fraud schemes 
  • Analyze data across your enterprise with predictive analytics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization to make strategies even smarter  
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FICO Customer Communications Service is a market-leading communication solution that sets the lead in best practices for customer experience. It has global reach, cloud, real-time, intelligent omni-channel communications, analytics, optimization, and the world’s most powerful and flexible rules engine. FICO has deep domain expertise in every area of the consumer lifecycle. We can provide the full range of services, from implementation, to managed services, cloud- managed services, and business consulting. FICO has unparalleled communications expertise and best practices across the consumer lifecycle, including prebuilt, best- practice connectors to fraud, compliance, originations, and collections.


Built-in best practices

Start with preconfigured, modifiable business rules, workflows, templates, and scripts

Configurable compliance framework

Ensure adherence to applicable regulations in different situations and locations

Expandable intelligence

Augment and integrate Customer Communications Service rules-based logic with analytic insights from predictive models, machine learning, and strategy optimization

Cloud-based solution

Get dynamic scalability, simple transaction-based pricing, and low administrative burden

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Drive business growth and customer satisfaction with industry-leading analytic insights.

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