FICO® Data Orchestrator

Connect multiple data sources to drive smarter decisions.

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Deliver flexible data intelligence across the enterprise

FICO Data Orchestrator is a cloud or on-premises data retrieval and mapping solution that can access, gather and transform data from corporate or public facing information services, such as credit reference agencies. Organizations can connect to and transform multiple sources of data to improve operational intelligence, risk management and usability.

More than a data connector

FICO Data Orchestrator provides a data hub that helps bring together information from multiple providers and repositories. It exposes a single data interrogation and retrieval interface for business applications, which helps eliminate data access duplication within an organization by hosting an array of internal and external data services. With FICO Data Orchestrator you can:

Link disparate systems into a common data hub with one service point

Leverage data, applying transformations to sources

Easily and quickly define new data sources and add to implementations without impact

Improve decision-making and mitigate risk

Increase productivity using prepackaged data providers.

Technical Details

FICO Data Orchestrator provides the following:
Verify all data supplied to the service to ensure it meets the requirements of any system configured into Data Orchestrator.
Authenticate any system attempting to access Data Orchestrator using security frameworks.
Configure parameters for each data provider connected to Data Orchestrator.
Leverage over 150 FICO calculated attributes for the US and Canadian bureaus for your scoring models and decisioning.
Test data without impacting live provider services.
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Start making better decisions today

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