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FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

FICO® Debt Manager Solution

Boost collection revenue and capability — compliantly.

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Case Study

Cabot Credit Management

Learn how Cabot Credit Management boosted efficiency and customer satisfaction with FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution.

Case study

Trustmark improves the customer experience and employee morale

Collections agents are more efficient and productive because they have up-to-date customer information, as well as effective collection strategies and customers’ preferred contact methods. Employee training is now easier, and customer delinquencies are reduced.

Case Study

Phillips & Cohen

Phillips & Cohen Manages Global Growth While Preserving a Compassionate Approach to Estate Debt Collection with FICO Solution.

Case study

State of Maryland streamlines statewide collections with a human touch

The state is increasing revenue from collections, citizens have a better experience with the collections department, and staff members have more interesting and rewarding jobs.

Case study

Thames Water

Tailored communication strategies boost collections and customer satisfaction.