FICO® Decision and Scoring Service

Turnkey analytic intelligence for small and mid-sized financial institutions.

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Sophisticated analytics for everybody

Banks and credit unions are seeking ways to increase their analytic maturity and adopt a more automated process for making decisions across the customer lifecycle. The problem is these advanced analytics solutions are often very expensive, require valuable IT resources (or non-existent decision science resources), and take six or more months to design, test, and implement. With FICO Decision and Scoring Service, even the smallest financial institutions can get access to the most cutting-edge analytics.

Key Features

We offer an agile, fully-managed cloud service that enables organizations to leverage our decades of global analytics expertise, world-class predictive models, and the FICO® Analytic Cloud (link to that solution) to make better informed, data-driven decisions. This enables the confident execution of lender risk scores and credit policy rules for improved decision making in originations, account management, and collections/recovery executing on client existing and new data.

Fast Time to Value

Provides rapid integration with your existing systems and pay-as-you-go pricing for rapid return-on-investment.

Fully Managed Solution

Leverages FICO’s world-class analytic models, rules, and the FICO® Analytic Cloud to enable turnkey analytic scoring.


Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model does all the heavy lifting to convert your data into an actionable customer score — you just provide the relevant data.

Safe and Secure

FICO has built data centers specifically to host Decision and Scoring Service in the FICO Analytic Cloud — helping to serve your unique security and privacy requirements.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leverage all your available customer data to provide instant, personalized decisions across the customer lifecycle.

Better insights, better decisions

From credit origination to marketing offers to collections and recovery, we’ve helped small banks and credit unions compete with the biggest banks. How can analytics help your business today?