FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager

All channels, one fraud solution – protect customers, reduce fraud losses, enable better decisions.

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A powerful enterprise fraud platform


Payment modes are evolving, with consumers demanding multiple methods to transact, involving credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and digital payments including real-time, person-to-person, account-to-account, and wire transfers. The ability to defend against fraud from all payment channels goes to the core of maintaining customer trust and long-term loyalty.

Contemporary Architecture

An extensible framework used by over 9,000 financial institutions worldwide. A containerized option facilitates ease of update, allowing you to adapt your fraud defenses rapidly as new features are added while RESTful APIs provides flexibility for data input.

Consortium Data

The ongoing contribution of transaction and tagged fraud data from the more than 9,000 global institutions that participate in the FICO® Falcon® Intelligence Network enables FICO to continuously innovate new machine learning approaches to predict, prevent, and stop emerging types of fraud.

Contextual Fraud Analytics

The Falcon scoring engine is the analytic backbone of the platform, with the ability to run the Falcon Platforms’s industry proven consortium models, FICO custom models, and third-party models for omnipresent coverage designed for any data or channel on a single platform.

Business Rules Engine

FICO’s industry-leading rules technology enables you to respond quickly to new threats as they arise and fine-tune to your organization’s strategies, policies, and practices.

Case Management

A configurable, web-based user interface enables fraud analysts to easily investigate alerts for transactions at the customer, account and product level.

Two-way Multichannel Fraud Resolution

Protect your customers by leveraging our automated two-way customer communication service that delivers seamless consumer experience with contextual fraud controls through the preferred channel and at the right time.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Gain expansive visibility and insights into the efficacy of fraud fighting efforts, from high-level executive dashboards to detailed operational and statistical analysis to manage your fraud operations.

Model Governance

Reduce work required by compliance staff and gain greater confidence in models through a standardized and integrated process for monitoring models and performance.

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"Falcon provides a portfolio of supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised machine learning techniques that enable cross-channel, real-time behavioral profiling to separate legitimate and fraudulent financial transactions. FICO applies the optimal analytic technique for each type of fraud use case rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to model development."

AIM Evaluation: Fraud and AML Machine Learning Platform Vendors
Aite Group


Few decisions are more critical than selecting an enterprise fraud platform with its impacts to customer experience, reputational impact, and financial losses. The FICO approach - honed through decades of investments in fraud research and innovation – strikes the right balance by combining industry proven advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with a platform that provides real-time cross-channel fraud management.

Stop payment fraud in real time, no matter the source.

Reduce fraud risk — with positive bottom-line impact.

Leverage the world’s largest alliance of global banks working with FICO to fight fraud.

Integrate enterprise-wide data and decisioning on a single platform for efficient fraud management and response.

Bolster brand loyalty and reduce churn.

FICO’s analytics excellence protects payment transaction in real time

billion global payment accounts in the Falcon Intelligence Network
of the world’s card accounts are protected by the Falcon Platform
patents for fraud-specific machine learning innovation held by FICO

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