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FICO® Falcon® Platform

FICO® Falcon® Platform

All Channels. One intelligent fraud solution.

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Real-Time Payments – Wire

New banking interactions offer unprecedented data granularity. Deliver stronger fraud defenses, and more remarkable experiences, with self-learning AI that leverages all available data for faster payments, wire and ACH transactions.


Person-to-Person Transfers

Apply unsupervised anomaly detection models that interpret cross-channel behaviors spanning payments, authentication services, payee relationships, contextual device data and non-monetary transactions.


Mobile Wallets

Harness a wealth of contextual device data and use it to enrich fraud decisions for mobile payments. Avoid false positives that negatively affect consumers’ perception of new banking interactions.


Payment Cards

More than 9,000 global banks benefit from FICO’s fraud-specific machine learning. The FICO® Falcon® Platform protects 2.6 billion global cards and saves billions of dollars in fraud losses each year.


Card Not Present

Reduce CNP losses by 30% with machine learning that intelligently interprets the behaviors of each transaction element, both individually and in aggregate, to identify CNP fraud faster.


Account Takeover

Data breaches and sophisticated social engineering are driving increases in Account Takeover (ATO) fraud. Apply self-learning AI to pinpoint indications of cross-channel risk, before funds are transferred.


Application Fraud

Detect synthetic identities as well as first and third-party fraud, at scale, with machine learning that protects against early-life fraud and enables faster approval of legitimate customers.


Merchant Acquiring

Leverage patented profiling technology to combat merchant acquiring fraud with alerts to high-risk merchants and MCCs. Monitor settlements and chargebacks.

Case study

Multinational bank prevents application fraud using a real-time, enterprise fraud approach

North American Bank Fights Fraud with FICO Application Fraud Manager.