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Fight fraud and financial crime with unprecedented accuracy.

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A Single Solution for Enterprise Fraud and Financial Crime Management

FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager is a centralized fraud, AML, KYC and sanctions screening platform for designing rules, executing machine learning models, orchestrating workflows, and managing investigations. With FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager, you can support unified operations at scale, so you can fight fraud and stop crimes faster to deliver world-class, digital experiences that strengthen consumer relationships.


One platform for designing rules, executing machine learning models, orchestrating workflows, and managing investigations.

Contextual Data Services

Extend the boundaries of financial crime detection with x-dimensional freedom – any data feed in any format. Blend streaming and batch updates, from any source, easily mapping data to create aggregations, derived variables, and other contextual data services.

Open Machine Learning

Choose your mix of proven FICO machine learning models, in-house models, and imported third-party models. Develop, evaluate, and deploy models using open libraries with FICO® Analytics Workbench™ – Falcon® Edition to put proven FICO techniques at the fingertips of your data scientists. Find the perfect mix to address the needs of your unique data, products, channels, and customers.

Flexible Workflows and Rules

Configure variables, rules, and models to create fraud and financial crime workflows with the click of a button, no custom integration required. Eliminate redundancies and achieve economies of scale by repurposing contextual data across fraud and financial crime detection strategies.

Unified Alert and Case Management

Deliver a single environment for fraud and financial crime investigations. Increase investigative bandwidth with a force multiplier that captures a full audit trail of users’ actions while automating repetitive, manually-intensive processes that detract from higher value work.

Customer Communication Services

Automate the resolution of fraud alerts by delivering email, voice, text and mobile app notifications that are smart, scalable and include a human touch thanks to our ability to combine automation with analytics.

Extensible Structure for New Attack Vectors

Future-proof your detection strategies with software built on open, extensible architecture so you can manage all types of fraud from real-time payments fraud to the next generation of fraud.


Deliver more efficient and effective operations while adapting to the changing pace of payment innovations.

Unified Operations

More efficient workflows across both fraud and compliance.

X-Dimensional Profiling

A nano-level perspective across any dimension of behavior.

Radical Flexibility

Freedom to rapidly design, simulate and modify detection strategies.

Agile Machine Learning

Proven techniques that are self-learning and explainable.
Technical Details

Prevent the next generation of fraud and financial crimes.

Visually design and manage detection strategies for clarity in the decisioning process.
Gain peace of mind with decades of banking domain experience blended with open standards and a modern architecture.
Easily define and map new data fields for real-time and batch feeds.
Define and evaluate new calculations on the fly and insert them into any detection workflow.
Improve the efficiency of fraud and compliance investigations with automation of routine processes.
Use FICO ML models or build your own using open source machine learning libraries and FICO® InstantML.
Discover organized crimes with integrated link analysis and entity resolution.
May 10, 2022 – May 13, 2022

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