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FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

Resolve individuals' identities and reveal fraud rings.

Product Details

Industry Examples


FICO® Identity Resolution Engine for Banking

Effectively detects bust-out fraud by exposing fraud rings’ biggest vulnerability: shared identity information.


FICO® Identity Resolution Engine for Compliance

Helps analysts to search across all of their databases for persons and businesses of interest essential to investigations to ensure compliance in Anti-money laundering (AML), Security and Vendor compliance, and US Patriot Act Section 314(a) compliance.


FICO® Identity Resolution Engine for Insurance Claims Fraud

Detect collusive claims fraud for health, property and casualty, and automotive insurers. FICO® IRE can connect fraud rings across siloed data by detecting and linking shared identity information, to reveal individual fraudsters and their links to each other.


FICO® Identity Resolution Engine for Healthcare Fraud

Proactively identify relationships, links, interactions and hidden patterns of information sharing within potentially fraudulent clusters, including: shared patient, provider and inappropriate relationships; and links between recipients, businesses, assets and relatives and associates.