FICO® Identity Resolution Engine

Connect disparate data with advanced entity resolution and network analytics to detect fraud.

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Uncover evidence of linked crime with network analytics

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine systematically scans across disparate and siloed data sources to uncover links between people, places, and events that can indicate connected fraud and money-laundering. World class fuzzy matching algorithms enhance detection while graph analytics visualize the connections across accounts in real -time, for both pre- and post-book detection.

Network and graph analytics to uncover more crime

FICO® Identity Resolution Engine is built on the most advanced analytic science, leveraging decades of pioneering innovation and real-world expertise.

Social network analytics (SNA)

Use data points in an application to link it to other applications and accounts even when they are several degrees removed.

Continuous network analytics

Automate on-going analysis of accounts dependent on their risk profile, to uncover links that become apparent post-book.

Predictive graph analytics

Proactively identify and prioritize organized fraud and criminal activities using relationship-driven predictive analytics

Superior entity resolution

Proprietary analytic algorithms that automatically deliver matching and relationship intelligence with precision.

Investigations and screening

Conduct federated searches into uncleansed data and perform sophisticated link analysis. Utilize sophisticated query tools and visualize with link charts.

Federated data search

Examine multiple internal and external data sources to build a picture of criminal activity without risking data privacy.

Stop identity fraud from criminals using stolen and synthetic identities

Detect criminals using stolen data to commit mass fraud attacks by uncovering where data has been re-used across multiple applications.
Analyze relationships across existing customers, previous applicants, historical applications, known frauds, bureau records, and more to improve the understanding of an applicant and provide enhanced risk analysis.
Graph analytics help you to see wider networks of criminal activity where there are multiple degrees of separation, by tracking how accounts are connected to each other through third- and forth-party connections.
Screen account portfolio to spot connections between an account that has bust out and other accounts within a network of sleeper accounts that criminals are ready to cash out.
Proprietary fuzzy matching technology uncovers connections where criminals have tried to obscure their activity by altering data elements across applications, for example by using variations on an identity’s name.
Not all fraud is detected at application — uncover fraud that is hidden in account portfolios by regular screening to uncover links to other accounts that were not previously apparent
Criminals set up networks of money-mules to launder the proceeds of crime. Uncover common data points that indicate the presence money-mule networks.
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