FICO® Marketing Solution Suite

Create and grow deeper customer relationships with confidence.

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Interactions that inspire customer responses

Impress customers with the experience they’re looking for and offers they’ll want to use. FICO brings decades of analytics and AI-driven solutions to create 1:1 personalized interactions while controlling risk. Anticipate customer needs by leveraging consolidated information and match offers with individuals that will accept and use products. Present relevant offers to the right prospects through the most effective channels, creating consistent interactions at all journey touchpoints

Ongoing marketing sophistication

Improve the relevance of your offers and experiences with complementary FICO technology. Features to improve sophistication can be added on as your business grows.

Improve Campaign ROI

Increase in acquisition volume
Increase in cross-sell success
Increase in average account balance

Key Features of FICO® Marketing Solutions Suite

FICO solutions are built on the most advanced analytic science, leveraging decades of pioneering innovation and real-world expertise.
Adjust quickly to market changes with on-demand, recurring, event-triggered campaigns that earn attention and create customer value. Use predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics to determine what the customer is likely to do and what the next best action is.
Build valuable relationships through relevant experiences at every online and offline touchpoint. Improve KPI rates by delivering one-to-one conversations at scale with a coherent, single voice across digital journeys.
Grow your portfolio by leveraging risk prescreen capabilities to identify a wider qualified audience. Use the same risk metrics and strategies as you do for credit origination with FICO® Origination Manager or other system.
Boost acceptance rates with analytics, AI, and strategies that reflect your organization’s criteria. Solutions such as expansion scores, propensity scores, and optimization increase responses while managing risk.

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