FICO® Model Builder

Proven scorecard and decision tree capabilities for on-premises deployment.

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Advanced Scorecards and Decision Trees

Consumers demand more responsive, individualized treatment—and the new variety, volume, and velocity of data are creating opportunities to meet those expectations like never before. Despite the hype of AI, tried and true credit risk modeling capabilities such as reject inference and segmented scorecards remain some the most effective and trustworthy ways to build predictive analytics. Model Builder provides a complete solution that starts with data exploration, provides a vast array of modeling algorithms, improves collaboration with data scientists and business analysts, and enables you to rapidly deploy advanced analytics.


With proven techniques and a deep domain and business expertise that are baked in, Model Builder provides a complete solution that spans data exploration, modeling, and streamlined deployment.

Advanced Scorecards

Easily create scorecards with binning, intelligent automation, ensembling and segmentation.

Decision Trees

Design effective strategies and empower business analysts to create highly accurate decisioning.

Text Analytics

Harness unstructured data to gain deeper customer insights and design effective predictive analytics.

Better Insights for Better Decisions

From credit risk, to marketing offers to preventing financial crime, we’ve helped leading organizations solve some of their toughest problems. How can advanced analytics help your business today?