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Why take on the burden of managing data exchanges yourself? Let FICO® Network do the work.

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Product Update

Debt Manager, PlacementsPlus, Placement Optimizer and Agency Network (previously known as FICO Network) are now owned by C&R Software. For further information please click here. To be redirected to the C&R Software website, please click here.

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FICO® Network

FICO® Network provides a single, secure channel for creditors to exchange data with collection agencies, attorneys, debt buyers, data providers, and other vendors. For creditors from across a wide range of industries, the service provides ready access to a large community of well-established third-party vendors, such as collection agencies, attorneys, and debt buyers, thereby enabling rapid and low-cost vendor onboarding. Creditors utilize FICO Network to achieve better productivity and profitability from their debt recovery efforts with their third parties. Many of the top banks in North America use it to exchange data with a large number of vendors on a daily basis and over $120 billion of consumer debt flows through FICO Network every year. Hosted in the FICO® Analytic Cloud, FICO Network is flexible and efficient, delivering fast data exchange, iron-clad data security, reliability, and business continuity. It features an enhanced user interface, file exchange monitoring, and reporting. It also lowers start-up and ongoing costs of managing data and service vendors.

Seamless data exchange

With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Succeed at light speed.

On the FICO® Network, managers securely communicate directly with vendors, track and report their performance, automate the ordering of services, and see results both on the desktop and in a workflow application. Error-prone and time-consuming data entry, mailing, faxing and calling are eliminated.

Connect and Collect.

FICO® Network connects collectors to more than 90 databases and data consolidators for fast and efficient ordering and delivery of a very wide range of data on consumer and business accounts – including consumer and business credit, consumer and business demographics, fraud, public record, geographic, asset, product and utility information.

Work with the best.

Gain access to FICO‘s powerful analytics, scoring, strategy and customer management solutions. You'll also find tight integration with the FICO® Debt Manager™ solution and FICO® PlacementsPlus® service for seamless, efficient collections management.

How it works

See how you can make your business goals a reality and overcome your toughest challenges with a solution trusted by leading organizations worldwide.

Statistics, Numbers, & Data

$120 billion a year has flowed through FICO® Network
30 creditors, including some of the largest financial institutions, use FICO® Network to transfer billions of dollars of debt annually
325 active partners in our partner network

Technical Details

FICO solutions are built on the most advanced analytic science, leveraging decades of pioneering innovation and real-world expertise.

Single point of data exchange between creditors and third parties

Support for a variety of host systems and formats, including FICO Debt Manager™ XML

Online portal, providing file upload, download, and status reporting capabilities

Established relationships with industry service providers, including LexisNexis for deceased data

All data securely encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption

Secure, public APIs for integrating file upload and download processes with host applications and third-party applications to manage files

Built-in rules engine, supporting custom validation of data file content

Event-based email notifications and daily reports for effective monitoring and management

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