FICO® Originations Solution, Powered by FICO® Platform

Simple, smart, scalable originations—for today and tomorrow.

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Build your ideal origination portfolio.

Originating a new account is a critical decision affecting 80% of measurable risk throughout the life of an account, and it sets the stage for yield potential from the customer. FICO® Origination Manager delivers the power to make more precise, value-based decisions at the origination stage, enabling you to grow more profitable portfolios while managing customer-level risk. Adapt faster and reduce costs with business-user configurable templates that shorten the learning curve, equipping you to rapidly adjust to dynamic markets and regulatory changes.

How it Works

FICO® Originations Solution, Powered by FICO® Platform allows you to reinvent the originations process, so you can:

  1. Streamline and personalize customer experience by removing unnecessary friction seamlessly across channels.
  2. Future-proof your investment with an agile, extensible, cloud-based solution for business users.
  3. Use an enterprise intelligence network, powered by the leading decisioning and analytic platform.
  4. Grow portfolio profitability without added risk or jeopardizing compliance.


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

FICO® Platform — implement in days, not weeks

What if you could decrease time to decision and manual review by 50%? Effortless, engaging origination that is powered by the industry-leading FICO® Platform. Start simple with configurable templates for fast time-to-value, and then easily add digital sophistication.

Quickly assess risk with pinpoint accuracy

Delinquencies and bad debt bring origination programs to a screeching halt. Decrease risk exposure and minimize application fraud with automated review, approval, and decline decisions—all based on tailored criteria and predetermined score cutoffs.

Deliver convenience to customers, each and every time

Our products work together to provide your customers with valuable experiences across the entire credit lifecycle. This means proactively finding the right solutions for their credit situation based on comprehensive analytics, real-time data, and automated communications.

Connected decision-making across the lending lifecycle

Automated origination models follow your policy rules to efficiently process applications and quickly make decisions. Automated customer communication leverages real-time analytics for quick selection and automated communication of optimal offers.

Unmatched analytical edge for greater precision

Access to the most comprehensive data sources in the world, including advanced analytics for lending decisions and far more accurate recommendations. Operationalized analytics means we know how to seamlessly integrate our data sources with your existing processes.

Flexibility for companies of any industry and size

Modular structure allows you to use the right mix of products for your business, including easy integration with both your existing software stack and other FICO lending modules. On-premises or cloud deployments depending on your architecture. We’ll help you choose the right option for shorter deployment times and use with multiple products, business lines, and locations.

Enabling Technologies

With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers our solutions with the most advanced science available.


Effortless, engaging origination that is powered by the industry-leading FICO Platform. Start simple with configurable templates for fast time-to-value, and then easily add digital sophistication.


Provide origination that is safe, scalable, and cloud-powered to improve solution flexibility, ROI, and extensibility.

AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Drive portfolio profitability (without adding risk) through FICO’s pioneering AI and advanced analytic offerings for onboarding and origination.


Simulate, analyze, learn, continually improve onboarding and origination strategies. Use prescriptive analytics to optimize strategies on a customer-by-customer basis to increase profitability, balance constraints, and deepen customer relationships.

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Driving Measurable Improvements

Our clients have improved their operational efficiency, reduced delinquencies and losses, cut costs, and maintained security and compliance.
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Increase in revenue in the last 12 months
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Billion loans in less than 14 months
Increase in new account bookings
Increase in application volume capacity
Case Study

Vanquis Bank gains agility, opening new credit possibilities with FICO® Origination Manager

Vanquis Bank believes that customers with limited or no credit history still deserve access to financial products. See how this UK-based bank delivered on this promise with a modern origination process.
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Nationwide Building Society

World’s largest building society grows loan portfolio and profitability.
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Major Dominican bank leverages automation to standardize credit assessments, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience
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A loan origination solution you’ll never outgrow

Flexible, frictionless loan origination. The right fit for today’s origination needs—and future-proofed for tomorrow. To learn more about FICO® Origination Manager, get in touch with one of our experts or request a demo.