FICO® Resilience Index

More precisely predict a borrower’s resilience to future economic disruptions.

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Discover and manage latent risk

FICO® Resilience Index can allow financial institutions to discover and manage latent risk within groups of consumers bearing similar FICO® Scores, without cutting off access to credit for resilient consumers. Leveraging traditional consumer credit data, it is designed to rank-order consumers by their sensitivity to a future economic downturn. It offers a simple, powerful complement to the FICO Score for an array of use cases.


FICO® Resilience Index enables lenders to better:

Prepare for cyclical downturns

Assess loan portfolio vulnerability more accurately

Adapt credit marketing and origination strategies to account for resilience

Proactively manage portfolio resilience and improve stress testing outcomes over time

Refine loss allowance estimates


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.
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Use in conjunction with the FICO® Score

Create a dual score matrix or as an additional decision key.

Can be delivered with a credit file along with the FICO® Score

Easily integrate into existing processes.

Scaled from 1 to 99 — with lower values representing greater resilience to economic stress

Simple and easy to understand format, differentiated from FICO® Score scaling.

Delivered with up to five reason codes

Helpful in understanding FICO® Resilience Index output. Supports adverse action communication if necessary.



Hear FICO Vice President Sally Taylor talk about measuring the resilience of consumers with the new FICO® Resilience Index in this Lend Academy podcast.


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Learn new insights about consumer financial resiliency amidst current market dynamics from FICO Vice President David Shellenberger in this Lendit FinTech digital track.


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