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FICO® Responsible AI

Safely apply machine learning and artificial intelligence with explainability, accountability, and ethics.

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Report an ethical approach is critical for success


Are not monitoring for model drift


Have a unified approach for AI projects

Trustworthy and responsible AI and Machine Learning

FICO was founded on the promise of using data to remove human prejudice and discrimination in lending decisions. FICO invented a fair, transparent, and ethical approach to credit scoring that was based on math instead of subjective human judgement or bias. Our company has been operationalizing explainable and responsible AI for more than 20 years in the areas of credit risk and fraud detection and has patented new algorithms for explainable AI, ethical AI, and model governance standards and guidelines.

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Market-first Innovations in Responsible AI

Our AI offering spans unique methodologies and processes for bias detection; building, executing, and monitoring models; model governance powered by immutable blockchain; an explainable AI toolkit; pre-built models in our solutions; simulation; and robustness testing. We refer to the combination of these capabilities as FICO® Responsible AI and it enables lasting value creation.

Why FICO? FICO Responsible AI permeates all that we do, and it is baked into our platform and offerings. This enables our customers to develop and operationalize predictive analytics in a trustworthy and transparent way across the customer lifecycle.

Case Study

Prominent North American Bank

A top 5 US bank leverages machine learning to responsibly improve credit risk decisions.
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Explainable Model Architectures

Leverage FICO’s rich patent portfolio to create explainable-first machine learning model architectures to confidently make real-time decisions with transaction data.

Open, Platform Approach

Get more analytics into production more quickly with a unified enterprise platform approach to author, test, simulate, and deploy new models.

Deep Credit Risk & Fraud Functionality

Get ML-like predictive power and a fully transparent, compliant approach with segmented scorecards and binning.

Leading Data Science UX

Build collaborative and engaging data visualizations for deep insights that predict business outcomes.

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With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers industries across the world with the most advanced science available.


Create personalized, delightful customer experiences to build long-term, profitable relationships — all powered by AI/ML analytics and decisioning.

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Reach more  customers with fewer agents with digital , customer-centric debt collection strategies.

Energy and Utilities

Optimize logistics and forecasting to improve project economics.


Healthcare insurance automation that drives smarter, faster, and more insightful decisions and benefits for patients, providers, and payers.


Insurance automation that drives smarter, faster, more profitable policyholder strategies and decisions.


Create more value and higher efficiency by optimizing your manufacturing operations.

Retail and E-commerce

Meet the needs of the “always on” customer by optimizing the retail customer journey.

Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment

The telecommunications sector is continually evolving, transforming, and growing at unprecedented speed to meet rising consumer demand for ever-more services in our increasingly connected world.


Drive business growth and customer satisfaction with industry-leading analytic insights.

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