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FICO® Score for International Markets

Highly scalable, FICO® Scoring Solutions are designed for ease and speed of deployment across international regions.

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Used in 30 countries for more than 30 years

FICO is a global organization with analytic and data expertise embedded across regions. FICO® Scoring Solutions for international markets is a full portfolio of analytic solutions including scorecards, models, customer segmentation, and optimized decision strategies, all of which can be delivered through partners, standalone, or embedded in the FICO® Decision Management Platform. Highly scalable, FICO® Scoring Solutions are designed for ease and speed of deployment and are primarily based on existing Scoring Solutions that can be customized to suit the needs of the target market. FICO helps our clients evolve their analytics, from initiation of their first custom models through to decision optimization.


With or Without Data

Available as an expert or empirical model. FICO expert models encapsulate the 60 years of accumulated skills, knowledge and experience of our credit experts in the form of an algorithm.

Tailored to Your Market

Empirical models are tailored to proprietary product portfolios, customer base and in-country credit bureau data, and generally provide a higher degree of performance.

Fair Access to Credit

Make access to credit open to consumers, while removing impediments to credit expansion by empowering lenders to make careful, compliant decisions quickly and at a low cost.
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Precise and adaptable solutions globally

FICO can rapidly deliver a solution for implementation within the bureau or the lender’s own operations. Most importantly for the global market, the scoring system intelligently interprets the varying levels of data available in each country in which it is deployed. For Lenders Speed approval/decline decisions for new applicants. Refine allocation of credit limits and loan amounts. Approve/decline requests for credit limit increases. Set other risk-based pricing and terms of business consistently. For Credit Bureaus Launch a new offering quickly with expert models and rapid implementation. Meet the demand of bureau clients for a broad-based risk score. Leverage the data you aggregate to offer new high-impact services. Provide broader client support through value-added analytic products.

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