FICO® Xpress Executor

The fastest, most proven way to deploy and execute optimization models.

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FICO® Xpress Executor

FICO Xpress Executor provides standalone support for optimization execution services. It executes Xpress Mosel models using the Xpress optimization engines. In addition to Mosel models, Xpress Executor can solve problems in the industry-standard MPS/LP formats. FICO Xpress Executor is an excellent choice to deploy Xpress-based optimization models as an execution service on the FICO® Analytic Cloud for invocation by external applications via SOAP or REST APIs. Thereby, it allows you to simulate thousands of scenario outcomes concurrently. Browse the FICO® Xpress Optimization product documentation, where you will find installation guides, help for all four modules, and examples.



With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Deploy & execute optimization models

Part of FICO Xpress Optimization, Xpress Executor allows businesses to deploy and concurrently execute Xpress-Mosel optimization models quickly and easily.

Deploy optimization models as web services

Xpress Executor enables you to incorporate the input and output structures from your Mosel model directly into a web service, thereby reducing the complexity of interacting with the web service.

Deploy optimization models as powerful applications

Xpress Executor provides a SOAP web service interface to seamlessly integrate with application development environments.

Technical Details

FICO solutions are built on the most advanced analytic science, leveraging decades of pioneering innovation and real-world expertise.


Executes Xpress Mosel or MPS/LP Models using the Xpress optimization engines.


Exposes REST and SOAP web service endpoints for the concurrent execution of Xpress Mosel models.


Reduces the complexity of web service interactions by incorporating the input/output structure from Xpress Mosel models directly into the SOAP web service.


Available on FICO® Platform.

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