FICO® Xpress Insight

Put the power of analytics and decision optimization in the hands of business users.

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FICO Xpress Insight

FICO® Xpress Insight enables businesses to rapidly deploy any advanced analytic model as powerful applications. Xpress Insight enables businesses to work in a collaborative environment with interactive visualizations tailored to the business needs. This allows business users to work with models in easy-to-understand terms and account for trade-offs and sensitivities implicit in the business problem. They can share results with their peers and collaborate to make optimized decisions by running what-if scenario analysis and comparing the impact of different strategies.


Rapid configuration of enterprise-ready applications

Data scientists and operations researchers can quickly deploy their analytic and optimization models, whether they are written in Python or Xpress Mosel, into Xpress Insight applications. UI development of interactive analytic applications is easily done via drag-and-drop in View Designer or our mark-up language VDL (View Definition Language). Xpress Insight provides out-of-the-box scenario management, file management, data management, and user and role management — taking away the burden to implement them. It seamlessly integrates with Tableau.

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True optimization and advanced analytics

As part of FICO Xpress Optimization, FICO Xpress Insight solves the toughest problems across all industries with innovative algorithms for linear, mixed-integer, nonlinear, or constraint programming types of problems, delivering high performance and robust solutions. Millions of variables can be processed at great speed and scalability, enabling business users to find better decisions to complex problems in minutes.

Technical Details

FICO solutions are built on the most advanced analytic science, leveraging decades of pioneering innovation and real-world expertise.

In the hands of business users through an easy-to-understand and goal-oriented interface.
As user-friendly business applications.
Large-scale linear and mixed integer problems as well as non-linear problems.
As part of the FICO® Decision Management Suite.
Of different strategies, dependencies, and sensitivities with scenario creation and comparison.
70% to 90% faster than before.
Report configuration, execution of optimization models, integration with other systems via APIs, and storing of data, files, and assets.
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Decision Management and Optimization
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