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FICO® Score XD

Giving lenders the ability to identify credit ready, previously unscorable borrowers.

FICO® Score X Data

A consistent, predictive risk score using alternative data to help lenders expand their customer base with more confidence.

FICO® Member Score

Create Memorable and personalized member experiences, driven by data.

FICO® Score

FICO® Scores are used by 90% of the top US lending institutions for their risk assessment needs.

FICO® Score Open Access

Strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability.

FICO® Safe Driving Score

Taking on driver safety: benefits that flow through the entire driving ecosystem.

FICO® Resilience Index

More precisely predict a borrower’s resilience to future economic disruptions.

FICO® Score for International Markets

Highly scalable, FICO® Scoring Solutions are designed for ease and speed of deployment across international regions.

UltraFICO® Score

Provides an unprecedented and broader view for lenders to assess credit worthiness.

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